Only whores use condoms

An itinerant toy seller accused a Manila Police District officer recently of raping her in one of the MPD’s offices.

After a bounty was placed on his head for the rape, Police Officer 3 Antonio Bautista Jr negotiated a surrender.

Claiming he was set up, Bautista said his supposed victim is actually a prostitute. ‘Itinerant toy seller ‘ is apparently the new euphemism for whore.

His proof? His alleged victim had a condom in her bag. Condoms, as we all know, are latex sheaths that are designed to protect against sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and being forced to have sex against your will.

[Bautista’s lawyer] Serrano said a condom inside a woman’s bag “is incredible.”

“This is too small for the act to be committed.  We cannot surmise as to that unless we can prove it. But for a woman to be carrying condom in her bag, what can you conclude?” she asked.

Bautista's lawyer

“What’s the kind of person who would carry a condom in her bag and married as such and at wee hours of the morning?,” his other lawyer asks.

Bautista’s legal team is still preparing his defense, but by all indications, that will pretty much be a reenactment of the courtroom scene from Ipaglaban Mo.

The defense will probably have our itinerant toy seller recount each gritty detail at the rape, and then badger her into admitting that she enjoyed it.

"Mali ka, Jopet..."


  1. These are the excuse of a Filipino policeman who investigate crime? Hmmm … that kind of excuse is soooo lame. Well, for me it is lame. For general population of Filipinos it is genius.

    A husband can be charged of rape on wife, too. Don’t they get it? Any person who force himself on a prostitute is rape. Don’t they get it? Oh, well, this is Philippines run by Filipinos . So what else is new?

  2. @lol: Apparently, there’s precedent for their defense. A woman was charged with estafa (fraud) when jewelery she was supposed to sell was stolen in a dark alley. The court ruled no decent woman would be walking down a dark alley carrying jewelery. Basically, she was asking for it.

  3. Renato Pacifico, I have had enough of your prattling.
    You try to emulate Anti-Pinoy but can only get as far
    as criticizing Filipinos.

    And that isn’t the point of their kind of criticism at all.
    Where they make fun of Filipinos to highlight flaws
    and spur some kind of change, you just highlight
    flaws so you can be superior.

    And, really, you are not.

    You’re more focused on putting people down
    than exposing your so-called Truths which
    more often than not come from tin foil hat

    You have polluted this website, which we have worked
    on since 2007, and have made it such a chore to post
    because you’ll just shit on it.

    This has gone on long enough. I love this website
    and you’re making me hate writing for it.

    You’re banned.

  4. Finally! Renato Pacifico has been making this website his toilet.

    Regarding the topic at hand, i think the court sees the case of that woman charged with estafa differently form that screaming rape. No decent woman would be walking down a dark alley, true, but no decent woman would yell rape either.

  5. Who put a bounty on the cops head? Dead or alive, shoot to kill even. Sheeeeeit.

    From the looks of things, it could easily be a pissed off vendor throwing down the rape card on a cop. Then again, this IS the PNP we are talking about.

    The condom thing is kind of a big deal. This is the Philippines after all.

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