Jake Cuenca as Hubert Webb

Further in the rape of sensibility, actor Jake Cuenca has expressed
interest in playing Hubert Webb, recently acquitted for the Vizconde Massacre,in a movie or TV project.

Of course, I’d like to do it because it’s an interesting role. Syempre yung Vizconde massacre eh magandang bigyang buhay yun
kasi may awareness dun sa nangyari eh, (Of course, it would be good
to recreate the Vizconde Massacre because there’s awareness
about what happened)” he said.

No such awareness, though, on how much in bad taste massacre movies are.


  1. It is not the Supreme Court’s fault to rule in favor of
    Hubert Webb. It was the fault of the investigation. The
    investigation was totally screwed from the beginning AKA ZTE
    investigation, Failon investigation and other investigation as
    usual. Supreme Court decides on the merit of evidences presented
    not what is on people’s minds.

  2. Yes! Let’s relive the night of the family of one widowed husband and milk it for all its worth! Just like back then, let’s revive that night!

  3. From what I heard, here’s a little story. I am not saying this is truth but some piece of it seem to make sense.

    Lauro Vizconde was a houseboy of Estrellita’s family who got Estrellita pregnant. The family did not approve of Lauro because he was poor. Well anyway, I guess that’s the reason why the family of Estrellita and Lauro Vizconde are not “one” in the fight. If you will notice, it is actually just Lauro who is constantly in the spotlight.

    Anyway, there were several suspects presented to Lauro. The three sets were (1) Akyat Bahay criminals and (2) construction workers that were working on the Vizconde house and which knew that there were no other males present in the household and (3) Webb’s group.

    The problem with Lauro was that HE PICKED the RICHEST set of suspects which was Webb’s group. And the rest is what is now.

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