No PH troop deployment to South Korea

The Armed Forces of the Philippines will not be sending troops to South Korea over tensions in the Korean peninsula.

According to Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda, South Korea has not
asked for military assistance.

Also, he said, “we have to be realistic about our capability.”

"I mean, seriously, guys..."

The Philippines sent troops to Korea during the Korean War and gained distinction on the battlefield.

If the AFP does send troops to South Korea again, it will be the second time for the Philippine Army as an institution and for some of its equipment.


  1. The USA sent a carrier battlegroup to South Korea. I think they have all the military assistance they need at the moment.


    Far as I know, the AFP actually has some fairly decent guns. Not as tacticool as the US Army’s but certainly not ancient M1 Garands (Though we do have some of those too . . . so yeah.) As for the rest of their equipment and the number of those newer weapons, I really have no clue.

  2. Yeah. Our guys aren’t the doofuses that the public seems to think they are. There’s a reason why US marines and dudes from the Japanese coast guard come here to train.


    I’m actually surprised there isn’t a large number of Koreans suddenly coming here with the current situation. Last I heard, Seoul was in range of NoKor artillery.

    I’m told that the general feeling in Seoul is “Not this shit again” so that may be the reason. Wonder what people in Japan think about all this.

  3. Anonylol, they also come here to train because they cannot do it in Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and Indonesia. FILIPINOS are American-friendly. We offer better looking chicks, too!

  4. Actually, Renato Pacifico, Thailand has Cope Thunder with the US, Indonesian SF trains with the Americans, and Vietnam is pals with the US now,

    You may be right about the chicks.

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