Ex-drugs board exec: Druggies don’t deserve Christmas

A former vice chief of the Dangerous Drugs Board wants government employees to take drug tests before they get their Christmas bonuses.

A cup of Christmas cheer

Paul Oaminal, former DDB vice chairman, said government offices have to screen their employees for drug use like private employers do.

“Oaminal believes that the reason there are governors, mayors and barangay captains who refuse to adopt the “Drug Free Workplace Program” in their respective jurisdictions is because they are afraid that their favored employees will turn out to be positive for drugs.

And not, as is commonly believed, because paying 350-400 pesos for a test that is both humiliating because you have to be watched while you pee, and is easy to beat, serves no purpose.

An earlier proposal to only give Christmas bonuses to government employees who believe in the Baby Jesus has been shelved.


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