A pressing question from Senator Pangilinan

Much has been said about President Benigno Aquino’s speechwriter and the wine reviews and anthropological studies on Vietnamese men she posted on Twitter.

Not much has been said of this tweet by Senator Francis Pangilinan, however:

Roughly, the senator asks: If you only have 30 hairs left on your head, would you rather they were clumped together or in separate strands?

Your correspondent is of two minds on this. On one hand, Twitter is a great way to keep tabs on politicians, celebrities, PCOS machines, etc. Because of the nature of Twitter, we get to see personalities at their more unguarded moments.

On the other hand, we also (unfairly) expect these personalities to act a certain way. Presidential speechwriters are expected to be presidential, senators to be senatorial, etc.

Faced with a senator apparently drunktweeting at 9 P.M., no standard solution exists.


  1. HA!HA!HA!HA! If you are tweetering anti-Philippines against any PHilippine politicians in the land of merciful religious PHilippines can be merciless to my existence. FORTUNATELY, I HAVE AN AMULET!!!

    An Amulet called, U.S. Citizenship with blue passport embossed with American Bald Eagle. If I go missing and American embassy will not hear of me, they’ll send in American F-16 with real American pilots ready to zip, zap, brata-tatat Filpinos no matter how they pray and tithe to their lord, Jesus Christ.

    A Travel Advisory to Philippines is a death knell to their tourism. An economic embargo brings back the tartanillas ni Sanciangko to Tabo-an.

    Being a Filipino in foreign land with pathetic green passport is useless. Maids fly wingless out from high-rise condominiums. They get raped. They returned headless and in jig-saw puzzle and MANNY PACQUIAO regardless his great jab is still useless.

  2. Ameircans protect their citizens. Philippines feed their OFWs to the dogs then tweeter about clump of 30 strands of Benign0s’ hair. WoW!

  3. Somehow, your American citizenship makes your rants against the Philippines ring a bit hollow. All this time, I thought you were a Filipino.

    Maybe you should focus on your own country’s problems? The US has them too, you know.

  4. Dude is so proud of his Assmerican citizenship it’s as if Assmerica’s proud of him or he’s a big asset to them. He’s just the first 3 letters of the word asset, at best.

  5. Since my parents are poor sucking welfare benefits from AMerica, they told me to stay and watch over their property so it will not be squatted upon. OK. Cool.

    Since I graduate high-school in America, I decided to go Ivy School here in the Philippines. Ateneo and la Salle is beyond my parents reach. I tried, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES!!!! Of course, I aced all subjects in UP !!!!

    I HAVE AN ADVANTAGE COMPARED TO OTHER BRIGHTEST STUDENT IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!! 1) High-school in America has advance College Algebra; 2) We have SAT (College Admissions exam) review; 3) ivy-universities in America encourage students to take this reviewer incoluding Princeton, Harvard, BErkley , Brown, NYU, ALL IVY

    But in University of the Philippines WHERE THE BRIGHTEST STUDY, daw!!!! tHEY ARE NOT encouraged. IT IS FROWNED UPON. Go check UP-UPCAT Admissions website! You get this banner WARNING: That says UP Admissions do not authorized blah! blah! blah! any review whatever blah! blah! blah!

  6. Mr. Pacifico:

    1. More like you went to a high school in Cebu, college in UP, and then back to Cebu to transfer to another college, am I right?

    2.You misunderstood the notice from UP about not authorizing any reviews. It just means there are no authorized UPCAT review centers. That means UP doesn’t endorse any review centers.

    This is an important point because there are review centers that claim to have connections that a) will get students into the university, b) will leak the UPCAT in advance, or c) otherwise guarantee admission. It doesn’t prohibit people from taking review classes. Learn to read.

    3. And shit, dude. It doesn’t matter how smart the Ivy Leagues are. Or how much smarter Americans are. For all your alleged American education, you can’t even form a proper sentence.

    Yeah, you trolled me. Good fucking job.

  7. I love to INTENTIONALLY mangle english language. My main intention is to determine who are TOLERANT of wrong spellings and syntax errors; 2nd, to separate the boys from intolerant englischtzes-speaking kindergartners; 3rd, to know who is thinking and reading contents instead of criticizing wrong englischtzes; 4th, this make “trolls” that this site, regardless of wrong englischtzes and spelling is inclusive and all-encompassing NOT PICKY ONLY TO THOSE WHO SPEAKENGESE GOOT EMPECCABLE ENGLISCHTZES and write comments fit to be a work of literary art.

  8. Going back to UPCAT review centers who claim they have “connection”, “fixers”, and, “leakage”. Even if they claim so, and couldn’t give the “connection, fixers and leakages” the reviewers are still learning that cannot be taken out from them. Even if they fail, considering UPCAT exam is highly competitive the bonus of the review is they still LEARN what they have missed from their high-school.

    Passing high-school is not the end of education, therefore, UP should encourage everyone to take a reviewer course.

    To follow your logic, 1Tamad, CPA review school should be banned entirely so are engineering and others.

    I remain.

  9. It’s to protect the public from review centers who claim to give you an advantage in the UPCAT. Students can, and do, take review classes and they aren’t penalized for that.

    Think of it as a way of protecting the UP brand. Because UP doesn’t endorse any review center, no review center can claim association with UP, and so imply that they can guarantee admission.

    It’s not against the concept of reviews, just the idea of endorsing a review center.

    Should UP text high school students every night to remind them to study hard too?

  10. I wonder how that guy allegedly aced all his UP subjects. (1) Dude lacks critical thinking, (2) cannot form a sentence properly to save his life, (3) fails to comprehend simple warnings — ALL countlessly proven by himself.

    I really hate people like him who think they’re all that just cause they’re in the Jewnited States. He talks shit about people here as if he’s out here fighting and fending for himself. He talks shit about our history as if he had something to do with it. He talks shit about the previous decades as if he understood what was going on with it. He talks shit about the Philippines as if he is a Filipino.

    Hey dude, FYI, you’re in the very country (and proud of it) that destroyed (and still destroying) my country. And if you don’t know how, then fuck you, you motherfucking idiot.

  11. Maybe it’s just me but I have this really funny feeling that r pacifico can construct proper englitzches just fine.

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