Senator invites media to top secret raid

According to our baby mouse, a senator sent a media advisory today telling Senate media that a certain government agency will be conducting a raid on some people somewhere in just a few hours.

The actual advisory was, of course, not that vague. The senator who sent it was actually pretty helpful with the details, even providing a number people in the media can call to coordinate where to meet, what to wear, what the secret password is, etc.

Which is all very good for reporters looking for some action, but not so much for Philippine law enforcement. If this website was able to get the details of the raid without even trying, it’s a sure bet the criminals who are supposed to get raided know about it too.

(thx, Senate staff!)


  1. HA!HA!HA!HA! The senators themselves are NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS! The senators are telegraphing the “ultra-secret”operation to their padrinos so they have a head start from the raiders of the lost jueteng.

    Our senators sure do not have the kukote. Take ZTE investigation for example. Instead of close-door investigation, they have open investigation that telegraphs witnesses accounts so the perpetrators of ZTE can weave their yarn into tightly woven airtight alibis.

    In America, if they care to check their newsreports, the rookie cops never tell the media what they have found out in their investigation of crime so as not to jeopardize prosecution. IN THE PHILIPPINES, foreign-educated-ivy-school-graduate-impeccably-speakers of englischtzes are just simply clueless.


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