LRT-1 just got better

This may be news to our upwardly-mobile car-driving indio demographic but our aging public train system has been getting much better.

Not to the point that we can trust it to buy groceries or to not burn the house down while we’re at work, but it is better.

Still prone to breaking down and trailing off mid-sentence

You can, for example, get into a relatively less-crowded train if you let two or three trains go past first.

The venerable LRT-1 line also opened a new station at the corner of Edsa and Roosevelt Avenue recently.

“With the opening of the Roosevelt Station, the Light Rail Transit Administration (LRT) is only a station away from closing the LRT-Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 loop, which is expected to be fully linked next year with the construction of a common station in front of SM North EDSA in Quezon City.”


  1. Regardless, LRT is the way to go. Let us look at it at different way since LRT is already there, its less than desired cost of efficiency is subsidized by the government, MEANING, US, pooor people, thru cheaper fare.

    Another way to look at it is a mule train so wealthy tisoys and tisays can tool around on their europeans free of traffic.

    So, to put it logically, we are spending on expensive LRT for the tisoys and tisays unimpedded traffic flow.

  2. Our government has this centralized thinking, centralized planning and centralized infrastructure development. Their focused is METRO MANILA. Causing Metro Manila so polluted, bursting with people on its seams surpassing Mumbai, India as the DENSEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!!!

    Have they tried developing Davao City? Or, the Panay Island? Leyte, perhaps? WHY ONLY MANILA?

  3. “So, to put it logically, we are spending on expensive LRT for the tisoys and tisays unimpedded traffic flow.”

    ^That’s a pretty different way of looking at it. I can’t say I agree, but you have a point.

    You’re also right about all development being centered in Manila. In terms of economic density, Metro Cebu and Metro Davao are trailing behind.

  4. @D: That’s pretty steep. I guess that’s why they’re raising ticket prices soon.

    Still, the trains have gotten much better. Rush hour on the Yellow line used to be hell.

  5. With that huge price tag, I’m not surprised that they only managed to build the infrastructure in Manila. Then again, is it really that necessary to build trains in the other cities? Far as I know they’re not as congested as Manila. Anyway, I’m pretty sure the usual “magic magic” was used to jack the price up.

    Also, this tisoy needs to ride the trains. I just take the first and last train of the day to avoid the torrent of bodies. Sleep is for the weak anyway.

  6. Why Manila? Two words – Imperial Manila. No wonder why other parts of the country are shitty compared to NCR. Renato, maybe you can convince the provincial government of Cebu or the city governments of Cebu or Davao (assuming that you reside in that area) to have train lines similar to the MRT/LRT.

    I’m glad that they’re improving the LRT in one way or another. Maybe it’s time for other big cities in the country to have their own train systems. Or we should think big and apply it by any means necessary.

  7. I hardly think it’s as clear cut as us people in Manila wanting to keep people in Visayas and Mindanao down. Especially since a lot of the people here are from all over the Philippines. You don’t ever hear anyone calling London “Imperial” because Cardiff isn’t getting as much attention.

    Everyone just loves the “us or them” thing don’t they?

  8. @IanLopez: If I remember correctly, there have been proposals for an MRT in Cebu. I’m not sure they really need it, though. Their jeep system is pretty organized.

    In terms of infrastructure, Cebu has the South Road P(roject?, Property?) and it’s pretty impressive.

    I don’t think “Imperial” has anything do with it. It just makes more sense in the short term to build where infrastructure is already in place. But, yeah, development has to spread out.

  9. Interestingly, the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council cautions against spreading government resources too thinly.

    It says it would be better to focus development on several emerging cities than do it “democratically” with all cities and municipalities getting their own infrastructure projects.

  10. No I haven’t. No one has told me about any of that. I’d wager they’re pretty damn crowded anyway and if you wait for them you’ll end up late.

  11. How much of the project cost to grease some hands is beyond comprehension. According to Worldwide corruption index, Philippines improved only TWO POINTS. Philippines is still the corruptest country in Asia. We are still 20 points behind Vietnam and Thailand and they are not even Roman Catholics or Christians.

  12. As what pro-Philippine government always argue, CORRUPTION EXIST IN OTHER COUNTRIES. If it exist in other countries, then why Philippines is in a rot that is a zillion dollar question.

    • >If it exist in other countries, then why Philippines is in a rot that is a zillion dollar question.

      A lot of reasons. Economics, politics, culture, geography, military, etc. It’s a very complex thing. Have you tried playing Civilization?

      Anyway, I hope the urban planners of Cebu do a better job of managing growth than the ManileƱos did.

  13. Cebu is already and will be more crowded like sardines. Most of the gated communities are already two towns up and down from Cebu City. There are communities already in the foothills.

    Wonderful things about Davao and Cebu Cities they have hiking trails just right there. A few minutes you are in the beach or the mountains. Manilenos has never seen their skylines except those condo dwellers in Makati.

  14. @ M, Cebu government is moving some heavy industries on the other side of the island, Balamban and Toledo. Atlas mining, biggest copper mine in the world(?), Tsuneishi shipyard and foundry.

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