Fixer/teacher runs away with nursing grads’ grease money

As if low global demand for nurses wasn’t enough to deal with, 72 nursing graduates won’t be able to take their licensing test this December because a fixer ran away with their money.

The [Clinical Instructor] allegedly collected P950 from each graduate and promised them that he would handle their NLE applications with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

On top of this, Carrasco said the CI also charged the complainants with P500 for the five-page PRC application form and an additional P100 allegedly as grease money for PRC personnel so that their applications would be given “priority”.

After collecting the money, the fixer, who had a day job as a nursing school instructor, disappeared.

Not so funny now, is it?

The licensing exam application is given away free, as it turns out. Something the nursing graduates would have known if they’d bothered to file their papers themselves. I mean, it’s not like they have jobs or anything.

The nursing graduates were reportedly inconsolable when they found out their fixer ran away with their money. Which is illogical if you consider that they were basically dealing with a petty criminal.


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