Today is #sentisabado

Last Saturday, #sentisabado trended briefly on Twitter. Which isn’t really all that special, I guess. Lots of things trend on Twitter, most of them inconsequential (#worldcup, etc).

But ABS-CBN reporter Jeff Canoy says #sentisabado is more than just a trending topic, it’s:

a faster-than-speeding-gonorrhea trip down memory lane; a portal transporting aging hipsters back in a time when the word quantum physics wasn’t even cool enough to be known yet.

Saturdays are reserved for tweeting artifacts and memories of the not-too-distant past. It’s like an awkward high school reunion where there’s no high school but just a bunch of people coming together, reminiscing fun, simpler, old times and rediscovering a shared past we always knew existed in our black forlorn hearts but never had a venue, opportunity or outlet to, well, be sentimental together.

So, anyway. It’s Saturday, so it’s probably #sentisabado again. Even more so for me because I’m turning a year older at midnight.

What's happening?


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