Pasay: RP’s Armpit

Yet more proof that God hates Pasay City:

The area around Taft Avenue in Pasay City, Metro Manila has the most polluted air in the Philippines, Senator Miguel Zubiri said Thursday.

Quoting a report from the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, Zubiri said the air in Pasay has 257 micrograms of particulates per cubic meter.

The figure is more than double the international standard of 90 micrograms per cubic meter, he added.

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  1. Lookit, it is easy to tell if you are approaching Manila airspace from Cebu. Dark polluted clouds meets ya!

  2. Philippines is the 12th most populous country in the world. Manila is the densest city, physically and mentally, in the universe. Exposing these defective Filipinos to 10 mcg/cu.m. of pollutants makes these Filipinos economically useless to the world.

  3. Oh, yes, it does, 1tamad. It does. I cannot get out of my rot because of Filipinos around me, like any other Filipinos. After I stopped eating Filipino food, not meeting any Filipinos NOW I BECAME SUCCESSFUL IN MY CAREER.

    Living among Filipinos is like living in a cesspool. My entertainment is joining blogs and trashing Filipinos. It gives me a kick, like coffee in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Here are the things that I do not like Filipinos which really embarrass me.

    1) Filipinos are the 2nd largest minority in Los Angeles. When you go to ANY community libraries, YOU CANNOT FIND FILIPINOS. You can find Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Hispanics but never Filipinos. These are the minorities the Filipinos in America denigrate for atrocious english and spelling. Oh, before I forget, white americans are not spared. Filipinos criticize white americans for their mangled spellings, too! Yet they go to America among the manglers of english and spellings and atrocious english, and yet, Filipinos has not contributed any life-altering accoomplishments to America except being led, commanded, controlled. Because if filipinos are left to their devices, the outfit they are working on surely will fail.

  5. 2) Filipinos measure IQ by the english they speak, then again, nothing to show for major accomplishment except Charice Pempenco, Manny Pacquiao and Arnel Pineda;

    3) Filipinos measure beauty by the color of the skin. The whiter the skin the more prettiful;

  6. 4) They force white americans and minorities to eat their oily pansit and adobo. Please, filipinos, white americans and minorities care so much about their health. Filipinos in America still measure wealth by their waist and they think it is cool. How ignorant can they get!;

    5) Oh, please, Filipinos when you watch Manny Pacquiao do not scream till your lungs burst. Nakakahiya naman sa kapitbahay. Ang ingay n’yo. Buti ang mga Amerikano are very tolerant of monkeys. And when monkeys’ neighbours makes noise, they say americans have no manners, hmppppf! Ang yabang talaga;

  7. 6) And, oh, please Filipinos, to those watching Manny Pacquiao, only very few Americans watch kindergarten-drop-out, academically-not-supported sports called boxing because their skills are honed in prison rumble and street fights;

    7) please, Filipinos, do not ask Hillary Clinton how she thinks of Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempenco and Arnel Pineda. The answer you’ll get is always in favor of the three. It is ok to ask about Boris Pasternak, Einstein, Penaflorida but never about low-IQ accomplishments;

  8. 8) please Filipinos, when you laugh, please do not laugh like hyenas. Yes, it is cultural. Please do not abuse and impose your toxic, corrosive culture on others;

    9) please Filipinos, do not drive slow in the fast lane with your Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics and Mercedes Benzes;

    10) to those who drive Mercedes Benzes, who are all driven by old Filipino people, it is extremely embarrassing to see Balita, Philippine Journal, Bulletin on the backseat. These are peryodikos of the idiots;

  9. 10) oh, please, Filipinos when you children start crying in concerts, movie theaters and in churches, please have the courtesy to bring them out so as not to disturb other patrons. SO WHAT IF YOU HAVE A BENZ! JUST BRING THOSE CRYING, SQUABBLING MONKEYS OUT!!!!! OUT! OUT! OUT! Like outside!!! JESUS MARY MOTHER OF GOD! DONCHA GET IT? I do not care if the patrons are Filipnos and they are not worth respecting, just drag them out and feed them! ;

  10. 11) please, Filipinos, if I am not going to your parties, do not ask my “why?”. OK? Doncha get it?

    12) if ever I go to your parties, do not ask me if the food taste good! Because If I tell you it is oily, I know you are going to poison me! Just do not ask me. Do not ask me about Manny Pacquiao. Do not ask me about Charice Pempenco. Do not ask me about Arnel Pineda. Yes, you can ask me about Penaflorida, the educator;

  11. 13) Please, Filipinos, do not compare where your Corolla was made with other Corolla owners. It is sooo Gooofy!!! That is insane!!! Comparing Corolla versus someone elses Corolla!!!!

    14) Please, Filipinos, in attending parties, please do not wipe and buff your Mercedes Benz. It is a total turn-off. I do not care if it is SLK or whatever, I will never admit you are my father. Jesus Mary Mother of God;

  12. 15) Please do not me hostage to TFC channel. There is nothing good there;

    16) Please stop this insane karaoke singing;

    17) Please do not call me bading because I do not sit and drink until you guys go dizzy. I drink for pleasure not for contest;

  13. 18) Please do not pick your teeth and nose in front of me. Go find some sucker Filipino you can pick your teeth in front. I thought Filipinos are educated because they always hang diplomas in their living room. I am not afraid of their diplomas considering all of the above! HESUS MARIA JOSEFA!

  14. 19) Please stop criticizing someone elses english. OK you are good in english, so? ;

    20) please do not put all your gizmos for every visitor to see in the living room. All Families in America has your gizmos, too!!!!

  15. 21) WILL YOU FILIPINOS CLEAN YOUR REST ROOMS AND KITCHEN!!!! IT SUCKS! IT IS DIRTY!!! IT SMELLS!!!! The cleanest part of a Filipino household is the living room!!!! Everywhere else is trash!!!! OK?

  16. Now you can call me “bading” “mayabang” because Filipinos are like that. THEY DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH. And the common argument of Filipinos are “NOT ALL FILIPINOS ARE LIKE THAT”! Oh, yeah? Take a long hard look why Philippines are not progressive? Then that is the collective answer. Every Filipinos thoughted they are berry goot and clean and neat and tidy and honest and goot in englsichtzes and spelling. Then compare it to Philippines what it has become today.

    BADING PA RIN, ANO? MAYABANG PA RIN, ANO? Because Filipinos shoot down the messenger instead of marinating in the truth! The inconvenient Truth! BECAUSE TRUTH DO NOT SET THEM FREE!

  17. Well, a lot of the things you hate are pretty personal and not institutional. A lot of them aren’t even things that only Filipinos do.

    I don’t see how forcing people to eat pansit and adobo contribute to how Filipinos have been doing compared to the rest of the world.

    You are right, though, that it is unfair of Filipinos (or anyone really) to equate English literacy and fluency with high IQs. Knowing English, the language of instruction in higher education in the Philippines, is more a function of education than intelligence. Sorry about that.

    But since you’re in the US, where English is widely used, you might want to brush up on it.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Please don’t figure in any school shootings or hate crimes.



  18. PS: When did you move to LA? I seem to remember you saying you were one of those left behind. Did that move contribute to your career? Could moving to the US, which has a larger economy than the Philippines, have contributed to that instead of, I don’t know, just not being around Filipinos?

  19. @Renato: Sorry to hear all these things. I understand how you feel.. Im also ashamed of what is happening in this country in here.

  20. @1tamad, yes, it is personal. Yes, it is not institutionalized. REALLY? If all my rantings are not personal and do not reflect a Filipino. Here is a bummer of a question. WHERE IS THE FILIPINO RIGHT NOW as compared to Korea, indepent and out of the ahses of war in the 50s. Vietnam, just recently in the 70s. China? Japan?

    Philippines under the tutelage of the Americans for 50 years … WHERE ARE THEY NOW COMPARED TO THEM IF MY RANTINGS ARE NOT SUBJECTIVE AND IT IS ONLY PERSONAL. ?

    Eeeeeh? WE MUST JUST BE DISCRIMINATED!!!! HA!HA!HA1HA! Because, according to 1Tamad, what I am saying is not true in general! FUNNY!!!! HA!HA!HA1HA1HA! And that is coming for a journalist!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!


  21. I JUST WONDER which of all of the above are not GENERALLY PRACTICED BY FILIPINOS. If all of the above are practiced by a few and the minority THEN, WHY IS IT FILIPINOS ARE NOT RESPECTED? WHY? PUHLEEEEZ gimme answers!

  22. My niece works barista in Starbucks. A Filipno guy came, order some exotic caffeinated drink. There were long lines. The punk started acting up! “You know in the States, they can have this drink done in a jiffy” (of course, that is my englsichtzes, not that punks’ englischtzes who has embarassing struggling accent). Not contented! He whipped out his Florida driver’s license and flashed it to my niece and loud enough for everyone to hear, “See, this? I am from Florida!” HA!HA!HA1HA!

    Dude, if I was there, i’ll bear down on his punky enlgischtzes. Fortunately, I was under the mango tree making balls of my boger.

  23. The traffic mess and impunity of law and the economy, population sexplosion reflects the entire character of the Filipinos.

    Every Filipino president elected by englischtzes-speaking, wise and intelligent Filipinos want their own designer constitution. Never ending. And the idiot peryodistas are simply clueless and oblivious.

    WHEN WILL FILIPINOS EVER LEARN. Only, when the messenger (the idiot peryodistas) becomes more learned and intelligent to educate Filipinos that Ampatuan’s massacre forensics are total fucked up. Of course, Ampatuan case caters to Filipinos not Chinese Gov.

    If Ampatuan were tried in International Tribunal, the international jurors will die laughing.

  24. Here is an article that idiot columnistas and peryodistas can ponder on.

    Benign0 not sacking PUno. Zubiri recommended he be placed in “non-critical post”

    These are goot englischtzes-speakers in funny ill-fitting suits. If it were GMA, idiot peryodistas would jumb like rabid dogs. (ASSUMING IF IDIOT PERYODISTAS GET MY DRIFT.)

    Meaning, Puno keeps on receiving commissions from the Lords. DUH!!!!

  25. I was referring to those things being offensive to you and not being generally damaging to institutions. Eating pancit and bad table manners do not contribute to corruption and economic malaise.

    Kowtowing to neo-liberal policies when the country isn’t ready for them, maybe.

    Filipinos are not respected because we are a poor nation, pretty much.

  26. @onetamad: Filipinos are not respected not just because we are a poor country. There are alot of reasons why. One reason I can see is that majority of us do not respect our country, our fellow filipinos. We have recieved too many wake up calls in the past. But still we dont learn. Renato has a big big point about peryodistas (not all of them though), they are always biased on what they report. The masses became blind and cannot see the truth. though we cannot blame them fully because the masses dont have the capability to judge and see what is rightful for this country.

  27. 1tamad has a point. I’m being petty. Above are my pet peeves that contributes to Filipino malaise rolled into one big fat burrito. Like a big fat burrito, all ingredients put into it makes or break its flavor, like, Filipino.

    Filipinos, in general, are petty, too! They get incensed with OFWs’ fake perfume (by socialite columnist, forgot her name); maid-to-order-bride by Alec Baldwin; “some medical schools from the Philippines” by Terri Hatcher; inverted flag courtesy by the U.S.; SMALL THINGS that are big things to Filipinos. Small things that are peeled layer-by-layer by idiot columnistas YET FAILED TO PEEL LAYER-BY-LAYER ZTE BUNGLED INVESTIGATION AND REPORTING; failure to analyze Lozada’s 500k bribe to Hong-Kong …

    Oh, about Lozada’s 500k forver-pocket-money to Hong-kong to shut his mouth on ZTE. The failure of columnists’ brain to function is glaring. WHO CAN SURVIVE IN HONG-KONG FOR 500,000.00 PESOS FOREVER?

    Lozada went to Hong-Kong thoughting that he can live forever on 500,000.00? Or, stay long enough in Hong-Kong for Filipino and the idiot Senators to forget? Or, Senators die of senility? DESPITE COLUMNISTS ANALYTICS ON POLITICAL FUTURES, they failed to scrutiinize what 500,000.00 pesos can do to a person in Hong-Kong.

    Anyone, here can live a life of luxury forever for 500,000.00 pesos in Hong-Kong? That will be a good script for reality TV show.

  28. On Ampatuan massacre, the idiot peryodistas knew it was the Ampatuans before the investigation started. WoW! They must employ psychic readers! Or, idiot peryodistas just have impunity to report. This kind of impunity is etched in Filipino brain. No wonder Filipinos run to idiot peryodistas with stories without evidence. Prime example is Bishop Cruz who run again to idiot peryodistas with mere story and his credential as a man of cloak and dagger. DUH!

    Idiot peryodistas should stop idioting the Filipinos to make Filipinos think straight. Another classic example is Glorietta Bombing! WoW! CIA, NSA, Chinese intelligence, Australian intelligence worried about terrorist in their own backyard, the Philippines, sent in their forensics (scientists). They found out that it was simply a spontaneous combustion not some terrorist.

    But all of the above were debunked by Ayala who is not trained in pyrotechnics. Ayala insisted it was terrorist. Since Ayala is the doyen of the industry, therefore, it must a paradigm shift that terrorist is goot for the Philippines. In other countries, if you shout “TERRORIST” their economy sinks. Not in the Philippines. Not the columnists who conveniently failed to analyze.

    Aaaay Naku!!!! We need professional journalists. I do not care if they have bungled englischtzes. I go for contents.

    Let us fight these bastards that are bastardizing the Filipinos into dumb oblivion. This is too much. I want the Philippines to be brilliant and intelligent.

    … and you know what? I became above in intellect of the peryodistas just by reading the journalists from the civilized countries abroad. THANKS TO INTERNET!

    Problem with Filipinos is they use internet for facebook and friendster and watching

  29. Do not get me wrong. I’m proud of my brown skin. I love its golden glow. I love Philippines. I love Filipinos somewhat. I just cannot stand their propensity to gossip. Their gossip has seeped into idiot peryodistas.

    480 years! 480 long years! It is still the tisoys and tisays and intsiks running the show while my brown-skin-punked-nosed-curly tops are still slaves because idiot peryodistas allowed themselves to be slaved to money from the oligarchs.

    And, funny, our peryodistas are like muslims. Anyone touch their hair then all peryodistas all over the world descend on hapless Filipinos regardless they trample on the rights of the Ampatuans (I am not a fan of the Ampatuan) thru bungled unprofessional forensics by contaminating evidences without the idiot peryodistas not knowing because they are oblivious and clueless anyways.

  30. 22) Filipinos still believe in EDSA Revolution as a REVOLUTION! The real heroes and the first-responders were never honored. They were the balut vendors, cigarette vendors, bar-B-Q vendors, unemployables, unemployed, tsismosos and tsismosas. THEY WERE THERE! Until an army of tsismos and tsismosas came until the point they reached critical mass, gunning them down would be tantamount to genocide.

    When it was safe for them to come out, they came out in droves. The idiot padres, the oligarchs, the actors, comedians, actresses and socialites.

    All of the above including Cory who was hiding in Cebu stole the revolution from the vendors and the tsismos and tsismosas.

  31. @Renato

    What you see as despicable traits aren’t endemic to Filipinos alone. Your hate list of Filipino traits have their foreign equivalents.

    Have you seen American media for their masses? They’re equally stupid, superficial, populist. This isn’t a Filipino thing. It’s human nature to be crude, boorish, petty, dumb. You get these people in Europe. You get these people in Asia.

    It’s just so pronounced in our country because our population is mostly poor and uneducated, due to many complex, interconnected reasons.

    You zero in on “idiot peryodistas” but are they really the ailment or just one of its symptoms? Is it really possible to have the same caliber of journalism in the Philippines as it is in other countries, given our culture, our history, our system, and again, the reader’s poverty and low level of education?

    You’re hating on Filipinos for being this and that, but you know what, they can’t help it. They don’t know any better. Not everyone got the same privileges and opportunities as you. Not everyone is as educated as you. Nobody taught them. They don’t know any better. The system ensures they don’t know any better.

    You want them to strive for higher ideals but their material needs haven’t even been met yet. They have nothing. They glorify boxing victories, Wowowee, Charice Pempengco. They get mad when a glib joke is made at the expense of the country. You think these things are petty, but for people with nothing, these things are the only ones they can cling to to feel a little shred of dignity and pride.

    As for you, you know better. You are enlightened. You are self-aware. You have critical thought. You have a sharp mind.

    Good for you. I mean that.

    But what do you do with your talents and opportunities? Instead of being patient, understanding emphatic, helpful, you lash out in frustration and spread hate against your fellow citizens who aren’t as smart, courteous, vigilant and classy as you. And how does that help? You think you can bully, bludgeon, shame, or insult them to becoming better people? Does that work?

    All these national problems boil down to one thing: your fellow Filipinos aren’t really free.

    But you are. You’re the better man. So act like one.

  32. Who were they revolutionizing about. Who they were against? Where they in favor of Marcos corrupt camp? Or, Honasan-Ramos-Enrile corrupt camp?

    Until now, I am still scratching my head. Who were they against? Both camps? But why Honasan-Ramos-Enrile and Cory became heroes? WHY?

    They cannot answer my question because idiot peryodistas are still analyzing politics like science.

  33. May I please point out the Renato Pacifico has gone from funny.. To corny. To cornier.

    I think it is also high time that someone pointed out that he is the EPITOME of a specific kind of awful Filipino — A self-righteous motherfucker who thinks and/or implies that he is better than the Filipino next to him.

    To Renato: Do not expect that everybody else will be as wise as you think you are.

  34. @Dicklip, I do not apologize you feeling that way. TRUTH DO NOT SET US FREE BUT TRUTH HURTS! My postings of the above are the truth. That is why Filipinos repeat history because either bobo sila sa history or they love history or most of all BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO THE TRUTHS!!!

  35. Here is a quiz for Herr Dicklip:

    1) Who were the probable and likely first responders at EDSA Accidental Revolution?
    2) When did the idiot padre damasos, tisoys, tisays, intsiks, oligarchs, comedians, actors, and actresses came out?
    3) If there is a fender bender or smash-up in Makati Ave, would there be EDSAic proportion who wanted to witness the accident to get a first hand account?
    4) Filipinos hate Marcos, his minions and bureaucrats serving him. Then who were the people in EDSA was in favor of?
    5) Of course, the answer of 4 is Honsan-Ramos-Enrile. But EDSA rebolusyonarios hate them in the first place, right? Now that is really a scratcher.
    6) A poster or commentor in the Philippines who speaks only the truth are labeled self-righteous, bading, bakla, motherfucker, retard … therefore, THE IDIOTS, ILLOGICAL ARE NOT SELF-RIGHTEOUS, ANGELIC AND NOT CORRUPT?

    Submit your quiz and let us see where you stand on all of the above. Of course, you will not answer because simple questions will show how you think. Or do not want to be self-incriminated.

  36. I speak the truth. And, the truth do not set you free. It is uncomfortable unfortunate circumstance having a Filipino brain.


    Down with Einstein! Down with Aristotle! Down with the truth! Down with education!


  37. @josephdent, America has equivalent. But not as intense as the Filipinos. OK. If you say it America has the same intensity of negative culture. Then, therefore, Filipinos and Philippines should be equal with Americans and the Americans, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Another usual retort from Filiinos, “Americans are corrupt, too!” Then, therefore, Filipinos should have same living condition as Americans, right?

  38. @josephdent, I take your post as complement, thank you.

    THE ONLY WAY TO FREE THE MINDS OF THE FILIPINOS IS START PROFESSIONALIZING THE IDIOT PERYODISTAS!!! Their columns are so attrociously so far-out from reality. They cannot even analyze simple legal, investigative and forensic analysis.

    They almost perfected forensics on the Tourist Bus massacre the way it should have been BUT NEVER APPLIED TO THE AMPATUANS!!! Never applied to Trining Failon.

    Funny, this Failon peryodistas! This goes to show how idiot the peryodistas are with the iconic Failon.

    Imagine this, Failon ordered his houseslaves to clean up the blood and gore in the bathroom AND PUTTING BACK THE GUN CLEAN OF PRINTS AND BLOOD!!! DUH! Where in the fuck this idiot Failon peryodistas got his lame excuse? IN AMERICA, THAT IS OBSTRUCTION OF INVESTIGATION!!! A crime that can send anyone tampering with evidence to Perpetua Reclusion Ampatuanization!

    Lo and behold, peryodistas political analysts! The NBI did not find prints and blood in the gun allegedly used by Trining Failon. Couldn’t find a trace of blood! WoW! Good work houseslaves!!!! THESE HOUSESLAVES MUST BE BIOHAZARD SPECIALISTS TRAINED BY THE CIA!!!!

    As you know, CIA and NSA use Biohazard specialists to clean crimes. They are called in espionage parlance as “CLEANERS”. And these houseslaves just cleaned every trace of the crime. Good work Failon! Good work!

  39. To those who think I am self-righteous:

    If you go to American jail system or homeless skid-row denizens, they would know all of the above. These are homeless people and they know more than Filipinos.

    Oh, for information to Dicklip, homeless people go to American libraries MORE THAN FILIPINOS. When I say more than Filipinos, I am not implying that Filipinos go to libraries. Because Filipinos do not go to libraries.

    To those who are in AMerica. Try it for once. Go to any of your libraries. Check if there are Filipinos! THERE WILL BE NONE!!!!

  40. Well, all right, Mr. Pacifico.

    Since you say you can do better than these idiot peryodistas, send me a one of your analytical essays exposing the truth about Edsa or whatever.

    I will post it without editing or censoring anything.

    Please remember to cite your sources and don’t claim facts unless they have been established as such.

    If you can’t do that, at least cite a source to show that you’re not making shit up.

    Also, please write it within, say, eight hours with as few factual and grammatical errors as you can.

    If you’re uncomfortable using English, Filipino will do just as well.

    My e-mail address is onetamad at indolentindio dot com. It is 11:14 P.M. in Manila.

  41. That is not a quiz. That is a motherfucking joke with a load of prejudice.

    But for the heck of it, since one guy said he was the whole guy behind the EDSA Revolution during his campaign I will say BUTZ AQUINO for all of the questions above.

  42. >”If you go to American jail system or homeless skid-row denizens, they would know all of the above. These are homeless people and they know more than Filipinos.”

    I tried that. I was raped. ;_;


    The only way? Really? You’re blaming the problems of the whole country on our journalists?

  44. May you weren’t reading my posts after all. 1Tamad, it is not about flair of englischtzes and literary contest. It is about CONTENT!

    You must have read about my rantings about rape victim Nicole outing. That is a No-no in the CIVILIZED WORLD!

    You must have read about my EDSA accidental revolution. What is there to tell?

    You must have read about my Glorietta Bombing and Ayala’s insistence that it was a terrorist act.

    You must have read about my take on your fellow journalists massacre.

    Wasn’t it analytical for you? Or was it information overload to be digested? Or, maybe simple structured sentences is hard to understand for journalists who are enamored in quoting dead famous dead poets and authors.

    Flair in english and perfect english doesn’t make illogical sentence logical.

  45. I just do not understand why Filipinos are so stuck-up with their english. They are the most highly critical of english usage among minorities in America. Get over it. It is what you have to say not the perfection of english. I have gone and worked in America for years people there get employed not because they have perfect english because up here in their head.

    Ask anyone here who are from America. One way or another they have dealt with Chinese and Hispanics and Vietnamese who barely speak english but knows how to number crunch and that is no bullshit.

    1tamad needs to travel to widen his horizon, I am sorry to say that. Hey, yo, fake-Americans, speak-up! You do not speak like Americans. Do not write like Americans. YET YOU ARE EMPLOYED! Why? Here in the Philippines you are laughed at if you speak like a hispanic or chinese or vietnamese THAT IS ABSOLUTELY SURE.

    • Well-written English may not be so crucial when you’re just some twat leaving blog comments, but for someone who writes to be read, say, journalists, it is a necessity.

      Those journalists you praise, Mr. Pacifico? They write English impeccably. That is part of what makes them credible. That is why all those publications employ armies of editors and proofreaders because they know that mistakes they make cost them reputation. People won’t trust someone who can’t spell consistently or string together a proper sentence.

      This is the same principle why news anchors wear formal clothes and not ratty shirts and jeans.

      This is also why people here don’t really trust or believe you. Because you write like a raving lunatic.

  46. There was this Philippine journalist, as related to me fellow Antipinoy who just struggled with the menu and the order process. His conversational english was so attrocious that I thought to myself he should have stick to writing where he can dawdle and google definitions and look up dead poet’s societies in 8 hours.

    And the guy was taking his time perfecting and calculating his english before it goes out of his mouth that the lady-in-waiting came back with a paper and pen to write what he wanted.


    As you know in America, when you stand before the waits, they do not have time waiting for perfect english. They fully understood minorities that english is their 2nd language and THEY ARE TOLERANT unlike FILIPINOS WHO ARE INTOLERANT OF wrong grammars!!!!

  47. When I post, I do not grammar and spell check. What comes on my mind it goes down to my fingertips and into the keyboards all the way to your blog. I do not have time to get so stuck-up with impeccable english because Filipinos are only goot writers with minimal meaningful content.

  48. Well maybe spending some time checking your grammar and spelling will make your supposed truths easier to take seriously.

    Content is every bit about presentation too. In fact, sir, taking the time to check that your message is being conveyed well shows that you have respect for your reader.

    Doing it any other way turns people off. That, as you say, is absolutely sure.

  49. and… pinapatulan niyo ang troll na si Renato Pacifico why?

    One thing I learned about dealing bureaucrats and and trolls: no amount of reasoning will make your conversations anymore enlightened or rational because people like that operate on a different plane–one either of incoherence or pedanticism. or both.

    Sana magbigay ka ng magandang solusyon sa mga problemang nakikita mo Mr. Renato “Troll” Pacifico kaysa magkalat ng lagim sa kung saan-saang mga blogs and sites. But wait, tis easier to sit down and shit than to stand up and clean up your shit. Or whatever.

  50. Mr Renato Pacifico is a troll, and he clearly has no respect for his readers. I read your articles when you post them, and this is the only time I was irked enough to register and leave a message.

    Mr. Pacifico is a whiner, an irritating one. I don’t usually read his lenghty and circuitous comments because my short attention span doesn’t allow it.

    Mr. Renato, you have to understand that just because you like hearing your own, er, voice doesn’t mean that we do, too.

  51. Mr Renato Pacifico is a troll, and he clearly has no respect for his readers. I read your articles when you post them, and this is the only time I was irked enough to register and leave a message.

    Mr. Pacifico is a whiner, an irritating one. I don’t usually read his lenghty and circuitous comments because my short attention span doesn’t allow it.

    Mr. Renato, you have to understand that just because you like hearing your own, er, voice doesn\’t mean that we do, too.

  52. Parang nahirapan sila sa mga simple logic … tsk … tsk … tsk

    Well, as we are well aware, Filipinos are not known for LOGIC and reading comprehension. Illogical Logic like above is so dominant here in the Philippines … they just do not get it.

    Who was it who said PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE? ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. This self-righteous Renato Pacifico wants to be white. Sadly you can never be one of them.
    He’s not only a loser but a manifistation of a pure moron. All the ills he’d mentioned about Filipinos are present, these in many forms; in all races and nations/nationalities. He goes to the library not to read or do some reasearch, perhaps just pretending to be smart. He thought of all americans are cool has the good food on their table. Hurricane Katrina had exposed how bad american society is. LOL

  54. May I simply just say what a relief to uncover an individual who really understands what they are talking about on the web.
    You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it
    important. More people need to read this and understand this side of your story.
    It’s surprising you aren’t more popular since you most certainly have the gift.

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