Rep. Pacquiao excused from being a congressman so he can train for boxing match

For the next few months, both houses of Philippine Congress will be tackling what is probably the most important law they will pass this year: next year’s national budget.

Passing the national budget is a grueling process that involves grilling heads of government agencies, waiting for them to justify their existence, and crunching numbers to see if the books are balanced.

Like so.

Luckily for at least one member of Congress, though, not everyone has to endure the mind-numbing exercise that is passing the budget.

Part-time Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao, for example, will be missing the debates because he’ll be getting ready for his match with Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito.

Pacquiao, who flew into Los Angeles today, says he plans to sleep in his office at the Batasan Pambansa when he comes back so he won’t have to miss plenary sessions.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte has offered a solution that will allow Pacquiao to be both pro fighter and congressman. Rep. Pacquiao will be excused from Congress sessions when his training starts.

It doesn’t matter if he’s late or absent for a couple of days. Sabihin niya (He can tell us) he’s doing a patriotic duty,” he said.


  1. Since when did a boxing match become a motherfucking patriotic duty?? If anything, it’s merely a misplaced sense of pride and only makes Pacquiao richer.

  2. Easy, Dicklip! Education-optional, academically-not-supported violent sports called boxing is a patriotic duty. It is the ONLY THING the Filipinos has excelled since Charice Pemepenco, Misses Universes, Maids-to-order, Journey lead singer, SABRINE MAUI, MAUI TAYLOR and other Filipno pornstars ….

  3. I feel really bad for those people who earned their doctorates. What with all the research work and papers to be made. Then this buffoon comes in and just literally bashes heads in to get a Ph.D

    Now he’s going to embarass our nation even more. It’s getting really hard to tell people my nationality nowadays.

  4. @Dicklip: Well, Pacquiao is a sergeant in the Army reserves, so I guess it’s his duty to fight. Somehow. Looking at it another way, Pacquiao being excused from plenary sessions is a testament to how valuable he is as a legislator. The show can and will go on without him.

    @Mr. Pacifico: Who is Sabrine Maui and why should I be proud of him/her?

    @Anonylol: Well, we have the Sarangani voters to thank for this. Thanks, guys!

  5. HA!HA1HA! Sabrine Maui is an immigrant to the U.S. in Hawaii. Like Maui Taylor, they all came from Hawaii. Of course, Filipinos in Hawaii are not making it. They are living a life of a Filipino in Hawaii like they never left PHilippines. So, the best thing to do is harness their body … GO PORN!!!!

  6. 1tamad, I was also in I got plenty of followers until a Filipino reported me for abusive englischtzes language. DUH!!!!!!

  7. 1tamad, I was also in I got plenty of followers until a Filipino reported me for abusive englischtzes language. DUH!!!!!!

    I am everywhere!!!! HA!HA1HA!

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