Insensitive nursing students now a meme

What’s sadder than trying to resolve a hostage situation with a sledgehammer and failing on worldwide TV?

Thinking that taking pictures in front of a bus where nine people died in a botched police operation seen on worldwide TV is a cool thing to do like these nursing students did.

Hi, mom!

Hi, Mom!

And yet we rage and wonder when other nations say bad stuff about us. If you thought Chip Tsao’s ‘nation of servants’ comment was bad, then don’t bother going online for the next few weeks. We’re being called everything from monkeys to idiots to idiot monkeys all because of this group of Mean Girls.

And if PinoyChan’s /b/tards can be trusted (they can’t), these students have been taking pictures to show their insensitivity for quite some time now:

Hi, Mom!

Hi, Mom!

More here and here.

(Thx, PinoyChan /b/!)


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