Filipino Finance Exec Sneaks His Sperm Into Bottled Water

Michael Lallana - Got Milk?

Oh he got it alright.

You know how Filipinos take the success and international fame of an individual and makes it a triumph of the whole nation? Well that cuts both ways.

Meet Michael Kevin Lallana, a finance executive in California, who allegedly put his sperm in his co-worker’s bottled water.

This is, according to the Orange County DA, the second time Lallana has bequeathed his coworker with semen-laced H2O. The first time, on January 14, he left some of his “vitamin” water on her desk; she drank it, felt sick and poured it out. The second time happened in March, after both had been transferred from Newport Beach to Orange—but this time, the woman wised up and sent the bottle to a private lab for testing. The lab got back to her in June, with the results:Semen.

This is a dark day for our nation.


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