Broken toilet, slapstick gag disrupt class at CDO school

A nine-year-old student at government-run City Central School was injured Wednesday when a toilet bowl collapsed under her as she was doing her business.

The girl’s teacher says she had warned her students to be extra careful when using the toilet after she noticed a crack on the bowl. It is unclear whether being ‘extra careful’ meant not using the toilet at all but what is clear is that slapstick situations do happen in real life.

Not related. But look at him!

The school’s principal said City Central’s facilities have not been upgraded in 30 years because the school cannot afford to.

“This is the first incident of its kind that happened in our school. But I guess, this will serve as a warning that basic infrastructures must be upgraded immediately before another incident will happen,” she said.

Yeah, I guess it should.


  1. From the article: “There, Cunanan grimaced in pain with blood streaming down her legs.”

    Ouch. It’s all fun and games until someone cuts their thighs on ceramic shards.

  2. City Central School in Cebu City? I thoughted it was just recently rejuvenated? How could it gave way down to the septic. Dude!

  3. @Paul: When it happens to Americans, it’s obesity. When it happens here, it’s just sad.

    @Renato: City Central School in Cagayan de Oro, actually.

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