TV5’s new station ID is the first few minutes of Luc Besson’s Yamakasi

Not that it really matters but TV5’s new station ID “Pagbabago 2010” is pretty much the introduction to Yamakasi (2001), a parkour movie written by Luc Besson, interspersed with astig shots of the TV5 news team in action.

“Pagbabago 2010”

This is from Yamakasi:

There’s nothing really wrong with that, and the traceurs and freerunners in the video were probably doing it as an homage to the movie. The station ID is actually pretty cool, even.

I’m just showing off how cool I am for watching obscure French films and obscure Filipino TV channels.


  1. Oh hey, I remember that movie. Just saw trailers though. First time I ever saw parkour.

    What is this Channel 5 you speak of?

  2. @Anonylol: It’s the TV equivalent of a cult movie, I guess.

    They used to air The Evening News, which counted down the top 10 news stories for the day. It was a pretty refreshing show. It’s a shame they canceled it.

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