Sometimes we just don’t get Barrio Siete

We all love Bario Siete, the blog that rules the Philippine blogosphere. True, it is a love that is born of fear, but still.

Sometimes, though, they tend to Hamlet it up with words, words, words that it’s easy to get lost and go, “say, what?”

Take this gem from their latest post criticizing a certain family that has the Philippine budget process in a stranglehold, for example:

They always start with the best intentions in the world to save Filipino humankind. But we as Filipinos must be jurasically dysfunctional too, for we cannot seem to shake-off our idolatry type of submission to them. While we abhor dynasties, nepotism and favoritism, some of us seem to embrace the idea that only a select group of family, having been touched by some magic wand of the gods, are exempted from our abhorrence to the very concept that we fight and allow an entire clan to hold stacks of government positions and/or juicy portfolios. How lucky to be the chosen people of god. O’ Israel, get these people out of our country!

What was that about? Are they asking the state of Israel to send in troops to kill these people off? What’s a jurassic dysfunction? Does it make people think they’re dinosaurs? I honestly don’t know.

(UPDATE: But B7 also comes out with great pieces like this one from Buraot.)


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