RP politics: all in the family

Twenty some days into the new administration, this ‘new’ politics they all promised sounds more and more like the old politics. More accurately, it’s beginning to look a lot like the old old politics of cacique days.

You see, until this week, there were only two serious contenders for the presidency of the Senate: Senators Manuel Villar Jr and Francis Pangilinan. Oddly enough, they were in the same side back when Villar was Senate President with Pangilinan as his Majority Leader. The two have been lobbying to get 13 votes and get majority support in the Senate.

This week, Senator Tito Sotto, whom Pangilinan’s wife Megastar Sharon Cuneta had endorsed in the May elections, said that he wouldn’t support Pangilinan’s bid. Hurt that Sotto didn’t return the favor, Cuneta said that she felt like she had been “stabbed and slapped several times” especially since they are relatives (somehow). “There’s a lot of drama going in the Senate that really hurts me,” she added.

In a press statement, Sotto replies:

I am sorry if Sharon is hurting but the senate presidency transcends family ties. The Senate should be remain (sic) independent and should not be pressured even with family concerns.

And, really, politics should transcend family ties. But it really doesn’t. The fact that Cuneta’s hurt feelings were featured in actual news articles shows that Philippine politics is still just as personal as your typical soap opera (minus the magic and the girls made of magical living water).

One of these guys is a Senator

Even Sotto’s statement is so showbiz, ending with a cheesy line that belongs more on Boy Abunda’s  show than in the august halls of the Upper House: “Whatever my decision will be will not change my feelings towards her.”


  1. benign0 Simeon came from Tarlac whose families ruled over it with impunity. Tarlac is a 3rdworld province in a 4thworld country. benign0 Simeon did nothing, done nothing in 9 years in the house. Yet, Filipinos elected him. benign0’s dead non-accomplished Nanay had PCGG who has done nothing to collect the wealth Marcoses tucked away abroad. PCGG did nothing. Dead Cory’s son, benign0 Simeon, came up with Truth Commission. Another failure, because under the rule-of-law principles, they have to have evidences which is obviously absent.


  2. The Truth Commission is a toothless animal. It doesn’t even have the power to subpoena. It’s just a fuck, este, fact-finding committee that wastes taxpayers’ money.

  3. Onetamad, our idyot peryodistas are only goot in englischtzes never in analysis. NOT ONE SINGLE ANALYSIS OF THEIRS ARE WORTH READING AND LOOKING INTO! Their political analysis doesn’t even make sense at all. Maybe I am reading so much American blogs, American columnist and American analysis on-line.

    With our idyotik peryodistas self-professed, self-proclaimed intelligence, NOT ONE, I REPEAT, NOT ONE criticized themselves in the outing of Nicole …

    NOT ONE self-proclaimed highly-analytical idyot peryodistas and columnistas still in the dark what went wrong with ZTE and its investigation and the failure of prosecution. They are only goot in political analysis. Because political analysis doesn’t require basis of law, evidenciary processes and procedure BUT BASED ON BOY ABUNDA-LIKE gossiping…

    NOT ONE self-proclaimed highly-analytical idyot peryodistas analyze and responded to me what is the buzz and fuzz on Ces Drilon KIDNAPPING NEWS BLACKOUT despite their self-professed, self-proclaimed “critical thinking”

    NOT ONE self-proclaimed, highly-analytical idyotik peryodistas analyze and responded to me who were the accidental rebolusyonaryos were rebolusyonizing AGAINST IN accidental EDSA REBOLUSYON …

    NOT ONE self-proclaimed, highly critical idyot peryodistas analyzed and responded to me why the first-responders of ACCIDENTAL EDSA REBOLUSYON, the balut vendors, the iced-water vendors, the bar-b-q vendors, the unemployed, the unemployables, the tsismosos and tsismosas were never ACKNOWLEDGED AS REAL HEROES ………

  4. EDSA REBOLUSYON was a total fakked up farce. The reboalusyonaryos were in EDSA because they had nothing to do. Most of all Filipinos are plain tsismosos and tsimosas, they were there so they’d have the first-hand account who’d be the victor between the squabbles of corrupt Marcos and corrupt Honasan-Ramos-Enrile tandem.


  5. … until now Filipinos are still blind if EDSA REVOLUTION really happened! It was a revolution of the tsismos and tsismosas …. THE REST CAME OUT WWHEN THE CROWD OF gaggling, oggling tsismosos and tsismosas and vendors reached a critical mass of numbers in which killing them would be tantamount to genocide. Meaning, they came out when it was safe for them to come out …….

    The church called it EDSA MIRACLE …
    The merchants of cool called it PEOPLE POWER ….
    The politicians called it EDSA REVOLUTION …
    The Makati condo-dwelling businessmen called it HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN ….!!!!!!

  6. HA!HA!HA! 1TAMAD, cmfr-phil.org are bunch of loony, ding-dongs who are only goot in englischtzes. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW Journalists’ Code of Ethics?

    Check this out: http://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

    Now, check if any of those ethics are present in Philippine Media and cmfr-phil.org I WAS BANNED THERE FOR ASKING ABOUT BUNGLED ZTE INVESTIGATION, Ces Drilon kidnapping, Lozada’s sojourn in Hong-Kong, etcetera ….. HA!HA!HA!HA! Our Philippine Media are idiots!!!!!

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