Metro News: Ex nabbed for leaking sex video on Facebook

Poor Edwadson Base, a 26-year-old call center agent, was arrested by the Manila Police District for posting a sex video of him and his ex-girlfriend on social networking site Facebook.


Base was charged with violating the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009 (Hayden’s Law) after posting the video to teach his ex-girlfriend how he is so not a loser and so much better than the new guy she’s hooked up with.

Asked to comment, Base had only this to say:

I was fooled and blinded by love

His victim and ex-girlfriend said she’ll just let justice take its course especially since she’s totally over her ex.


  1. Well, that was dumb. I assumed that being a call-center agent, he was already net-savvy enough to pick up news that there’s already a law against what he did…

  2. HA!HA!HA!HA! They call it Hayden Law. Those who passed the law only watch strippers and jerking with people’s money. HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!

  3. Anyone who is seen walking pregnant, with hickey, showing off tops of their underwear, bras, wearing sheer clothing you can see the colors of their panties, going inside motels ARE UNDER Hayden’s Law!!!!!

    Anyone seen pregnant is a show of sexual proclivity …
    Anyone with hickies is a show of having sexual contact …
    showing off tops of their underwear, bras, wearing sheer clothing … is definitely asking for “come and get me”
    Couple going inside motels 100% surely will have sex …

    Above is totally against hayden’s law. PUTANG INA KA HAYDEN 🙂

  4. Our parents and the parents before us indulge in sex. That is why we are here … TOTALLY AGAINST HAYDEN’S

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