Metro News: Being a cop can be a shitty job

A cop’s life is full of long periods of waiting. Waiting on stake out to catch a suspect, waiting for the crooked system to serve some semblance of justice, and in some cases, waiting for a suspected jewel thief to take a crap so you can get the evidence that he swallowed.

Policemen in Naga City had to wait for days for a suspected snatcher to shit out a 20,000-peso necklace that he stole from a college student. The suspect allegedly swallowed the necklace before he was caught by Naga City police.

But even as he was fed a diet of fruits and some laxatives, the boy was still unable to discharge the evidence needed by the police.

The suspected thief finally, uh, gave the goods today, giving police evidence to charge him, and the victim a piece of jewelry that she will probably never wear again.


  1. Of course it is shitty! I am a cop fresh from college, Take benign0’s order to accept wang-wang. I WILL NEVER ARREST wang-wangers! The wang-wangers have connection, wealth, arrogance and power. Before I knew it I will be assigned in a lonely outpost in Aparri counting mosquitoes!!!!

    benign0 Simeon Aquino should know better. Anyone looking at Hacienda Luisita’s failure to land reform are now in Jolo reforming the Muslims!


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