Filipino Students Develop the Video Game Equivalent of Mother Teresa, Wins $25k

A group of students from Ateneo and UP won first prize at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Game Design competition by creating a game that asks players to “battle poverty, gender inequality and environmental degradation and save the world by social action and volunteerism.”

Mighty big responsibility for a video game.

The article is silent on details about the game itself. Even some screenshots would be nice.  I would seriously like to get a copy and have a go at it to see how it plays.

Congratulations, Team By Implication!

(Update: Philippine Online Chronicles, our Internet betters, has a feature on Team By Implication. They have video.)


  1. THIS IS NEWS!!!! DEFINITELY GOOD NEWS!!!! Why is this not in TFC? ABS-CBN? Inquirer. and all idyot peryodiko? WHY o WHY?

    Because idyot peryodistas prefer tsimis than facts. Aside, Microsoft likes education … idyot peryodistas prefer Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pamplenco and Journey Lead singer over education.

    Idyot peryodistas are anti-education

  2. Mr Pacifico, we got the news from, so I guess it was in at least one ‘idyot peryodiko.’

    In the real world, I am a reporter. There are times when editorial has to give way to marketing and the Charice Pamplencos of this world. We hate that this is so. But Charice Pamplenco and fluff pieces are what readers want and they pay the bills.

    Please believe me that we all wish that were not true.

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