Cheerleader helps diners finish their tapsilog

Rodic’s, the tapsilogan at the UP shopping center, is a veritable institution in the UP experience. Not in the sense that it is a fairly stable set of rules, but in that it has always been there. People can count on Rodic’s to provide filling meals that you can enjoy in relative solitude and anonymity, a premium when you’ve got a long day ahead.

What better place, then, to shoot a faux-viral video to plug the 2010 National Cheerleading Championship?

No, really. Can you think of any other place? Any other place at all? That dude in black probably can.

(Thx, Diliman Diary)


  1. I hear UP is the vanguard university in the Philippines. They churn out thousands and thousands of brainy students. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE PHILIPPINES? HAVE THEY IMPROVED PHILIPPINES? WHAT HAVE THEY CONTRIBUTED TO THE PHILIPPINES?

    Of course, aside, from impeccable perpekt goot contry-club englischtzes and spelling, of course.

  2. Does anyone know whatever happened to graduates of University of the Philippines? They are JUST led, commanded, controlled and they timidly and meekly follow. If that is the case it is useless brainpower. If they have brain power at all

  3. Mr. Pacifico,

    I agree that many UP students and graduates could do more for national development. But you cannot discount that UP has produced many (if not most) of our doctors, scientists, agriculturists and other professionals who have contributed to national development

    It’s easy to focus on the politicians from UP who have bled this country dry and lawyers from UP who twist the law. But what they have done may not have as much to do with their being from UP than their being politicians and lawyers.

    Thank you for visiting Indolent Indio.

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