Metro News: Gay alerts people to freak accident

Well, all right. The actual headline on ABS-CBN news was “Army sergeant dies in freak accident in Taguig,” but there was nothing really freaky about what happened.

A guy has an argument with his wife, walks out, and is run over by a black van. It was surprising, but not freaky by any standard. If the guy had been run over by a Jaguar…driving a Tamaraw FX, then that would have been freaky.

In fact, what’s most striking about the story is this statement from Staff Sgt. Ronnie Natividad, the victim’s buddy and fellow soldier:

Nasa loob kami tapos may narining kaming lumagabog. Sumisigaw iyong bakla, sabi niya may nasagasaan daw. Paglabas namin nakabulagta na siya dyan. (We were inside when we heard a thud. The gay man was screaming that someone had been run over. When we went outside, he was already sprawled there.)

Who was this ‘bakla’ and how does he figure in the story? Why did S/Sgt Natividad have to specify that the witness was gay? Was the witness the one they found sprawled on the ground? Was it the victim?


  1. Wow. That’s some Pulitzer-caliber work right there. The whole gay thing is a bit puzzling, true; but what I really wonder — as I have for all six years I’ve been here — is why a traffic accident rates airtime on a national news broadcast in the first place.

  2. Natividad probably just can’t forget how they were alerted. (imagine someone alerting you with a gay accent)

  3. @BenK: Nothing sells like blood, gore, and drama. Also, sex. It’s the tabloid side of the news and they put it there so there’s something for everyone.

  4. ei sorry dun sa image ng wing kuriboh,akala ko ksi for display image yun lol,xenxa na rin sa double post.About dito sa post na ito sa tingin ko its either my foul play kaya dinidiin ung gender nung witness or talagang shock lang sya tlga;nakakatuwa nga lang ksi akala ko pati ung bading sinagasaan kasi tumili lol,ang bopols nmn ksi pagkakasabi hehe

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