Is this going to be the last show?

This is hard work, this work that we do.

Indolent Indio has always tried to use our dwindling wit and condescending commentary to raise awareness of society’s ills and the quirks of Filipino culture. And it has been a great ride so far.

But sometimes, we have to ask ourselves: how much influence do we really have over these idle islands?

In September last year, for example, we wrote about the pervasive and pernicious problem of smut in advertising (“Is This a Cake or a Cock?,” 11 September 2009).  But did Red Ribbon listen? Not at all.

This month, they came out with a new ad for their Chocolate Creme Roll and it looks like this:

Pic Related: The Alabama Black Snake

Not only do they close their eyes to the fact that their cakes look like cocks, they’ve also added nipples to the deal.

And their copywriter seems to have taken a refresher course in double entendre writing to come up with this gem: “Every bite, talagang nakaka-excite! (Will really get you excited!)”

It seems to me, if we’re going to protest billboards of half-naked women along Edsa, something has to be done about that picture of a long black dong.

(for mouse)


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