Honorable Secretary Boy Abunda?

We are not such snobs as to turn our noses up at the prospect of showbiz gossip talk show host Boy Abunda joining the second Aquino Administration. As one of our commenters has pointed out, writing off someone just because he’s from show business is just about as intelligent as believing someone is great just because he is.

Senator Ramon Bong-Revilla Jr, for example, wrote and passed many laws in between shooting his Panday films. Senator Vicente Sotto III was able to pass the Sotto Law protecting journalists and their sources. True, many actors in public service should not be. But for every former Quezon City councilor Ara Mina, there is a Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno (whom, we hope, is pretty good at his job, otherwise the entire argument falls on its face).

To be fair to Mr. Abunda, he knows how to sell. He can sell his talents and he can certainly sell the incredibly ridiculous outfits he wears on his shows.


Probable President Benigno Aquino III had this to say, “He is an icon in the country and even more so for his ability to communicate, to understand the audience and to be able to advance a particular set of ideas.” And that is probably true.

What rankles is not that someone from show business might be appointed to a government post but the manner that that appointment probably came to be. Mr. Abunda shares the stage of his gossip show with Mr. Aquino’s sister Kris and we cannot be faulted for thinking that Kris had something to do with the possible appointment.

Mr. Aquino’s three other sisters already have a say on who he hires to run his government and he has already announced that his long-time counsel and childhood friend  Pacquito Ochoa Jr will serve as his executive secretary. Getting Mr. Abunda to join his government will suggest that instead of the government of the people that he promised, he prefers to keep things all in the family.

(If it helps, you can read this aloud in a fake British accent. I did.)


  1. No wonder my gut instincts flared up and caused me to cringe when I saw Noynoy running for president… one glance and I know that he’s the type of person people around him will push around and get dragged by his nose.

  2. Damn OT! If your insighs and writing were any sharper, you’d slice your own foot off.

    But yeah, s’what I thought too. It’s a Kris thing.

  3. If ever our DEPRESSident appoints IT and IT accepts, I think we will finally have a Secretary that actually gives a blowjob and bends over.

  4. overheard: he’s also eyeing dingdong and ogie for cabinet posts… don’t tell me he’s already losing it…

  5. Just watch what kind of DEPRESSident he will become. He will and ALWAYS WILL NOT judge rationally but rather which is the most emotionally convenient for him, being a depressive human – but who wouldn’t be depressed given a childhood like his?

  6. @Jormungand, the world serpent: heard from local news that it will do something about the detractors of the soon-to-be-proclaimed-but-still-I-wish-that-he-wouldn’t-be-president and it.

    P.S. your name and title is too long

    @DICKLIP: I’d like to use DEPRESSident to refer to soon-to-be-proclaimed-but-still-I-wish-that-he-wouldn’t-be-president.

  7. Well let’s just all hope he fucks up so we can laugh at everybody else who’s been so adamant in defending him. Ha ha ha.

  8. @DICKLIP: If he fucks up to the point that his adamant supporters would notice, it would only mean that shit has hit the ceiling. We may laugh at his adamant supporters (I am doing so now, for they do not know what they had elected), but the rest of the world would be laughing at us. This is the reason why my patriotism is crumbling away.

  9. @Myron: I would like to laugh at his supporters because I have never seen any Aquino supporter that is not as vindictive and petty as their DEPRESSident and his posse.

    On another note, to be a real patriot for the Philippines is like to eat your own shit. At most with the current Filipino standards, it will only bring you a little airtime and at best, a short-lived showbiz career. As well as apparel filled with the Philippine map shit.

  10. Man, @DICKLIP. You’re just full of hate for Noynoy, aren’t you? How about giving the guy a chance? I mean I don’t really give a shit about him but doesn’t it make sense to wait for him to fuck up the country before actually whaling on him?

  11. That’s actually what I’m trying to do. It’s just that I’m putting little dishes on the side.

  12. Are you sure that the one being interviewed isn’t his look-alike? /joke hahaha

    P.S. Even if there are similarities, I am not M.

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