De Los Reyes back in the presidential race

Shortly after conceding defeat in Monday’s election, Ang Kapatiran Party’s (AKP) JC de los Reyes is back in the ring citing “conclusive irregularities in the numbers” that put into question his electoral defeat to Senator Benigno Aquino III and pretty much every other candidate on the ballot.

“If I do not speak against these new findings, then my party’s integrity, as well as my own, will be at risk,” de los Reyes, leader of the party that has sued action star Robin Padilla for appearing in ads for condoms, said.

De los Reyes, whom some have described as idealistic and a bit of a loon, said that he has been in meetings with equally idealistic but credible presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas and Senator Jamby Madrigal to discuss the alleged election irregularities. “We are putting a formal paper together which shall explain this in detail at the soonest possible time,” he said.

Kilusang Bagong Lipunan presidential bet Vitaliano Acosta, who got more votes than de los Reyes despite being disqualified as a nuisance candidate, could not be reached for comment. AKP’s chairman emeritus and founder declined to comment on de los Reyes, but implied that protesting Monday’s election is a matter of free will.

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  1. You would have thought that they got the message by now: “Nobody likes you!” Their is certainly nothing irregular about that.

  2. Nick Nicholson :

    Their is certainly nothing irregular about that.

    I think you mean to say “there” instead of their. Anyway, they are referring to the clusters that have more than 99% of vote distribution to Noynoy. (but I think that can be attributed to INC members)

  3. The message is more of a “Nobody knows who you are.” (except for Jamby… your “Nobody likes you!” applies to her)

  4. @Nick: The sad thing is while it’s laughable now, this sets the stage for electoral protests from more, uh, credible candidates like Estrada, Binay, and Roxas.

    @Myron: I was listening to them on the radio this morning, and their basic argument seems to be: “there are more people who said they voted for me than were counted by Comelec.”

    Also probable: More people said they voted for delos Reyes, Perlas, or Jamby, than actually did.

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