Adel Tamano: Little Lord Fauntleroy

Don’t get me wrong, Nacionalista senate candidate Atty. Adel Tamano is probably one of the sharper tools in the NP shed. He was able to do great things as president of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, and he’s smart enough to be Vicki Belo’s lawyer-slash-model.

When he resorts to bland motherhood statements, though, it’s not that hard to imagine him as some sort of aristocrat who lives in his own world and spends afternoons saying things like “It’s a pity we lost India.”


In a recent press release, Tamano urged the government to give out condoms, which is pretty commendable. After all, he says, “We don’t want to become like African countries with epidemics.” While we can’t tell from the text, we like to imagine that this was accompanied by a snooty sniff, and delivered with more disdain than absolutely necessary.

I know, right?

He argues that combating HIV/AIDS is one of the Millennium Development Goals that the government has pledged to achieve, and he’s right. I mean, HIV/AIDS is a pretty scary thing, and it really is time that government did something about how it’s spreading.

But Tamano promptly goes back to his dream world when he warns, “The Philippines will be the laughing stock if we fail by 2015.” Let’s hope that day never comes. I would hate for this country to be a laughingstock. And, you know, be like those Africans with their epidemics and stuff.


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