Liberal Party takes self too seriously

The Liberal Party recently revealed its secret weapon in the fight against corruption, an acronym that cleverly serves as a way to (somehow) make it easier for voters to remember the LP candidates for senator.

The acronym, which the Inquirer says could be a “political masterstroke” (somehow) is SLAMAT LORRD, which sort of translates into Thank you, Lord if you’re as liberal with your spelling and pronunciation as you are with your economic ideology.

“That’s not just ‘salamat (thank you), Lord.’ It’s ‘salamat Lorrrd,” Senator Francis Pangilinan, LP spokesman, patiently explains to anyone who (somehow) doesn’t quite get it.

I see what you did there.

The acronym, Pangilinan says, came up during “a recent brainstorming session,” in between, I guess, discussions about poverty alleviation and public policy.

“We thought it up,” he tells reporters before exchanging knowing winks and high fives with party mates.

Oh, God…


  1. Parang barkada name lang binubuo nila, eh, no? Mas okay pa yung “Ibuka mo sa Tabi Mo”(tama ba?) nina Eta dati. At least wala ng malalim na paliwanag– name recall lang, period.

  2. Oh I saw the meaning of SLAMAT LORRD a while ago posted at the cork board of the Senate Press Office. I thought it was funny. I forgot what the names were though.

  3. i’m not sure which acronym you’re referring to — slamat lorrd or drama trolls?

    in any case, the use of acronyms can actually help. it’s a mnemonic device.

    i do agree though that the candidates should make themselves memorable because of achievements, platforms, positions on issues perhaps and not because of corny gimmicks.

    but, what can we expect? dis is da pilipins. 🙁

  4. @bp: Sure, it’s a mnemonic device, but pop quiz: what does SLAMAT LORRRD stand for? Remember, this is the Philippines where “kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan?” is a common question.

  5. onetamad,

    ah ok, i get what you mean.

    of course, they will have to put in the name of the candidates in there at first.

    but, hey, i hope you’re not thinking i support this idea. 🙂

  6. onetamad,

    ah ok, i get what you mean.

    of course, they will have to put in the name of the candidates in there at first.

    but, hey, i hope you\’re not thinking i support this idea. 🙂

  7. @onetamad: oh I know who you are. And yes, we have seen each other in real life. 🙂 I know this sounds kind of creepy.

    Well I’ll get to see what it means again when I get a chance to go back to the Senate. Maybe Monday.

    Oh, by any chance, do you know the name of that SEXY TV5 correspondent in the Senate? Hahaha! Since you covered that beat for a year.

  8. Oh. HERE IT IS:

    Sonia Roco
    Lao, Yasmin Busran
    Alex Lacson
    Martin Bautista
    Acosta, Nereus (former Bukidnon representative)
    TG Teofisto Guinogona Jr. (Bukidnon representative)

    Lim, Danny (former brigadier general)
    Osmeña, Sergio (former senator)
    Ralph Recto (former senator)
    Rufino Biazon (Muntinlupa representative)
    Risa Hontiveros (Akbyan party list representative)
    Drilon, Franklin (former senator)

    SLAMAT LORRD. That is not a masterstroke. That is simply corny.

    Danny Lim is guesting under 3 parties. LP, NP and PMP. Weird. Everybody wants him. But he’s a good guy anyway.

    BTW, have you heard of the story between the real deal about Cory and Ninoy? They aren’t as sweetie pies as they are (indirectly) portrayed to be.

    One ultra veteran journalist recalled to me that when he used to have coffee in Ninoy’s house often. At one instance, he asked Ninoy why Cory didn’t join them because it was “nakakahiya naman na lagi siyang nagseserve lang” to which Ninoy replied “Don’t mind her, she’s just a housewife!”.

    In another instance, when Cory was already President, this same journalist asked her a question in a panel interview (with many reporters present) about why [well I forgot]. Whatever that question was, he told me that Cory answered him in front of other journalists and reporters “Well, Ninoy’s dead and I’m President” to everyone’s shock.

    I confirm that story when another person (entirely unrelated to that journalist I mentioned), a lady from Dasma village, recalled a similar incident in which Ninoy treated Cory the same way being “just a housewife”.

    Every heard of such stories?

  9. @Dicklip: Huh, you know who I am in real life? I’m afraid you have me at a disadvantage here. Wala bang clue?

    I’ve never heard the Cory stories, but I’ve heard quite a bit from the veterans and from the OSAA. I’ve probably learned more about politics from smoking downstairs than from watching the sessions.

  10. ^Me too. There’s totally way, way more that’s going on than what people actually know from what is being declared in publications, TV and radio.

    The reality is, the meat of it all is when you know the right people and you see the nitty gritty of it all.

    There’s so much we could say but who are we to the majority who’d rather believe what they see from the general viewpoint than the absurd realities that could come out of our pens, mouths and keyboards.

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