Liberal Party takes self too seriously

The Liberal Party recently revealed its secret weapon in the fight against corruption, an acronym that cleverly serves as a way to (somehow) make it easier for voters to remember the LP candidates for senator.

The acronym, which the Inquirer says could be a “political masterstroke” (somehow) is SLAMAT LORRD, which sort of translates into Thank you, Lord if you’re as liberal with your spelling and pronunciation as you are with your economic ideology.

“That’s not just ‘salamat (thank you), Lord.’ It’s ‘salamat Lorrrd,” Senator Francis Pangilinan, LP spokesman, patiently explains to anyone who (somehow) doesn’t quite get it.

I see what you did there.

The acronym, Pangilinan says, came up during “a recent brainstorming session,” in between, I guess, discussions about poverty alleviation and public policy.

“We thought it up,” he tells reporters before exchanging knowing winks and high fives with party mates.

Oh, God…


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