Gramps Keeps it Gangsta

Remember that grade school retort “wala yan sa lolo ko? (roughly: my grandfather is even more badass than that)” that nobody ever really used except ironically?

Well, wala yon sa lolong ito:

If by badass, you mean douche bag. We don’t know the context of this pic, but a dick move is a dick move.

(thanks, TheGreatest)

BONUS: Exploitable. It’s a 4-panel comic just waiting to happen.


  1. As far as I know, if you’re a legal gun carrier (say, NBI guy in civilian clothes) you can shoot him anyway because he has just showed he has an intent to kill you.

  2. this just makes my blood boil. the douche thinks his gun makes up for a lack of balls.

    i say we shame the heck out of him.

    but that’s contingent on whether he has any shame at all… the old fart.

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