Rep. Abante plays homophobe card

Manila Rep. Bienvenido Abante Jr (Lakas-Kampi) wants same-sex unions criminalized in the Philippines. He wants a 12-year prison sentence for this “highly immoral, scandalous and detestable act” that incidentally isn’t allowed in the country anyway.

Gays: I hate them so much

Gays: I hate them so much

He warns, though, that homosexuals could pass themselves off as being of the opposite sex in order to fool the government into giving them marriage licenses. And, when that “becomes a reality in this part of the globe, that would snap the remaining strand of our moral values.”

And then, the gays will have won. Because, you know, aside from wanting to have sex with each other and stuff, gays also want anarchy in the streets so they can commit random acts of gayness with wanton abandon. Shit, they’re just as bad as the godless communists. Or whatever.

“While there is no documented same-sex marriage yet in our country, the absence of clear legislation serves as an invitation to same-sex marriage,” he says. So, basically, he wants a law passed to punish people for doing what they’re not really doing anyway.

Well, as was once famously said, what are we in power for?


  1. Idiot. This is the reason I have totally lost faith in the Philippine government. Not just any particular party, ALL of them.

    *sigh* Just biding time till I can get the heck out of here.

  2. @eric: That’s sad, man. Although I can’t really fault you for wanting to leave, this silly country of ours has lost so many of the brightest minds of our generation.

    Brain drain is as much a problem as say, corruption, (although one could argue that corruption contributes to brain drain), and if we keep exporting our intelligent people, all we’ll have left will be dummies like me.

    Cue possible long-ass discussion on migration and greener pastures and such.

  3. Thank God for Rep. Abante (how fitting is his name?) and his amazing powers of foresight and narrow-mindedness! If it were not for him, straight-looking men would have trannies as wives, and straight-looking women would have butch lesbians as husbands! Oh, such despicable people these gays!

  4. @onetamad

    Been planning it for ages anyway. I\’m gay and though I\’m not exactly a tranny nor effeminate (so I don\’t have to worry about bashing), that\’s not much of a comfort from idiots like Abante (the irony of his name hasn\’t escaped me either). I have no future here. At least in other countries, gay marriage is something that is fought for seriously, not to mention much more open GLBT communities. I know it\’ll be aaages before the Philippine government will even touch on such issues, too afraid of the Vatican, too ignorant to even think outside the box of organized religion. And I don\’t want to wait for that, I want to get married too, I want to live dammit.

    Also my line of work is 3d modeling/texturing for games. The Phils has virtually no game industry, so I can\’t exactly survive here either. Unless I\’m willing consider a career shift to selling pandesal that is. LOL

    Communists are little better too. Thinly veiled totalitarianism and cults of personalities. No matter how attractive socialism is, I\’d go with the European model rather than the soviet model of the CPP.

    I\’m curious as to what a CPP approved marriage looked like though. LOL. Knowing full well that communist countries despite being supposedly free of the shackles of religion and sexism are all paradoxically homophobic.

    We\’re doomed! We\’re doomed I say!

  5. Er. The CPP-approved marriage that one guy was talking about, I believe, is the one with the two red fighters who got communist-married. Guys, that is.

    If my memory serves me right, these two dudes got separated from their cadre when the military attacked. They hid behind some tree or cave or something, waiting the night out while a rain of bullets gently pattered their cover. Gripping their rifles (hur hur), they talked about what they were fighting for, why they’re both hard for Stalin or something, and when morning came, they realized they really like each other.

    I hear it was very romantic.

  6. Hey 1T, can you do a piece on Gov. Padaca’s recent predicament? Yeah , she’s a politician and all but the ideal person in me wants to believe that she is different. Dinaya daw nya yung last elections. haha.

  7. When people ask me why I gave up being a Catholic, I point to Abante, and the CBCP, and I ask them:

    \"Would YOU willingly follow orders from a bigot?\"

  8. @Nepenthe: I’m studying the issue, and I’m not really sure where I stand on it. Seems ridiculous that she could have cheated a well-established political clan of an election victory, though.

  9. just my two cents on the migration issue. I mean, yeah, you might have to leave the Philippines for a brighter future, for greater opportunities. But please don’t forget our country. Take a little patriotism as “baon” and come back with your acquired skills and experience (and wealth!) someday. This generation is definitely doomed, but the next isn’t. Yet.

    Who knows, we still might be able to shape a better Philippines.

    But that’s just me dreaming…

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