Villar’s NP has no sense of irony

The Nacionalista Party, led by Senator Manuel Villar, Jr., wants Senator Benigno Aquino III investigated for allegedly lobbying for the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. Said project allegedly benefited his properties, you see.

Sound vaguely familiar? Why, it’s like the C-5 Road Extension controversy that Villar found himself mired in last year. Villar didn’t even bother to show up for the Senate investigation on the issue, and now his party has the balls to demand that Aquino submit himself to a probe.


I'm a little teapot, you are a kettle.

We are not big Aquino fans at Indolent Indio, we are not big fans of politicians in general. If there have been irregularities in the SCTEX deal, then Aquino ought to face the music for his alleged involvement. The NP’s move, though, makes a farce of accountability and logic.

Notice how NP’s Remulla counters the Aquino claim to representing good governance: “These skeletons in your closet that have been there since the time of the Japanese occupation are finally coming out.” It pretty much comes down to, yeah, my boss is dirty, but so are you.

This on top of the deluge of anonymous text messages going around about how Villar is better because he’s not banking on his parents’ legacy, and he does not have borderline autism.

Stay classy, Vilar.

Oops. Too late.

Oops. Too late.


  1. Ha-ha. I\’m not going to comment on Manny Villar. I\’m not a big fan of him either.

    But about Noynoy, the dude is autistic. He has actual records at a reputable Makati hospital. I wonder when that story is going to come out. Plus, his grandparents were first cousins.

    His schoolmates at the Ateneo recalled to me how whenever Noynoy is approaching they all say \"oh, andyan na si LOID o..\" (Yeah, short for Mongoloid. LOL). Isn\’t \"Noynoy\" a special child\’s name? They could\’ve called him Noy. Haha.

    Physically, he has an oversized head and tongue and he has a slight speech impediment.

    In fairness to him though, for a defective human, he sure has come a long way. But he hasn\’t done anything significant.

  2. @Dicklip: “Loid”, eh? So much for the famed Atenean wit.
    I have to say, though, it takes a special kind of man to make fun of people with autism.

    @FreeSince09:Maybe we are no longer relevant to his interests.

  3. I see your blog is appropriately named as you display an amazing laziness and ignorance of facts and history, not to mention a “let’s-jump-to-conclusions-beneficial-to-Noy-without-actually-being-obvious” slant.

    The irony here lies in Noynoy’s holier-than-thou proselytizing when his hands are dirtied with the sweetheart deal that is SCTEX and the government-sanctioned oppression of Hacienda Luisita workers.

    Would you get off your indolent behind if you were earning nine pesos a day like those Hacienda Luisita workers?

    Would you stay indolent and take potshots are your beloved Noy’s opposition if you took a real hard look at Noy and what he stands for?

    Or would you continue to purvey lies as truth so that you get your inept candidate elected into office?

    How Noy spin doctors such as yourself take developments like this into mud and fling it back to the stands before they are addressed by the concerned shows a dangerous tendency towards blind fanaticism.

    The irony is that people like you espouse change but are really concerned about maintaining the status quo so you could stay indolent.

  4. Funny how when someone stands up for Villar you deride him as a paid hack. Tsktsk. Yeah. Keep telling yourselves that.

  5. The difference between Villar and Aquino is Aquino will not run away from an ethics investigation. He is not afraid to answer questions under oath.

  6. @manuel buencamino: I hope you’re right.
    Running away seems to have served Sen. Villar well, though. Seeing as the Senate seems set on dropping the C5 issue.

  7. the senate resolution is not the ethics committee report. The resolution was intended to preempt the committee report.

  8. @DICKLIP – what is your problem with people with autistic spectrum disorders and those suffering from Down’s Syndrome? The fact that you equate those two illnesses reveals the depths of your ignorance and how rotten your values are with regards to people with developmental disorders.

    I am no fan of Noynoy, but even if your allegations are true then it only goes to show how much greater he is compared to the pathetic bullshit that is your life. He overcame his mental illnesses to become a senator, no small feat even with the name and all. You are normal and yet you are nothing.

  9. Oh boy here we go again with this corny e-beef.

    You are the one who is not only ignorant but also outright idiotic (and above all being emotional) to sum up my life solely based on what I said.

    I just RECALLED how it was told to me by his peers and from medical records I have seen with my own eyes and their family’s genealogy. And my personal observation of his physical appearance is based on plainly what I see which I decided to add.

    I don’t understand why you are affected. Perhaps you are suffering from autism and/or Down’s syndrome or maybe a member of your family or a friend is and it is fucking up your life that is why you sympathize. Or none of it. Whatever, I don’t care.

    I even commended the dude, though sarcastically.

    If you have a problem with people and their opinions I suggest you move out of your house and start shooting everybody else who has something to say.

  10. @Edrie Alcanzare: Not to be too knowing, but mental disabilities does give a big MINUS if choosing a LEADER. Remember, we are choosing our REPRESENTATIVE TO THE WHOLE WORLD, not just just a district.
    I am also NO FAN of any politician but I followed all BIG political reps re their tenure since Marcos’ time and Noynoy never really did anything, He is riding the sympathy of the people to his parents. If he really wanted to run for president, He should have challenged Mar Roxas for the party’s nomination since the beginning. It was Kris who pushed him to gun for the presidency. We don’t think he is up to this.

    What I see is history repeating itself gentlemen. His mother (God bless her soul), never really did do much positive things because she won through sympathy votes. With Marcos we only had a few who stole, when Cory came in, they multiplied exponentially, even the illegal settlers multiplied exponentially.

    With Villar, what we could expect is his family landgrabbing the whole country, now that he is with Loren who by accounts traded the environment (whom she says she is protecting) for subdivisions.

    Why can’t we vote for a non-politician to sit in the next 6 years for a change.

  11. @DICKLIP: Kindly try to lessen our discrimination to the mentally challenged brother. We handled patients like them before, and you might be surprised to learn that they have a TON of NEURONS and Gray matters that are extremely active.

    Then again, less is better, too much drowns.

  12. @Jun: Thank you for not coming across as arrogant and I will politely incur to your kind words.

    You might be surprised though, that I myself have done some taking care of “mentally extraordinary” people. AND, if you read my posts again, I did not generalize people who are “mentally extraordinary” to be anything. I was MERELY referring to Noynoy on other persons’ accounts and of my own personal observation.

    I don’t see the need to judgmentally insinuate a summary of another person’s life based on an INTERNET COMMENT. Which is laughable.

    Also, I do understand the extraordinary mental capacity and ability that these “special people” have. Now why will these grounds be questionable for leadership?

    These are conditions that have something to do with social interactions, decision-making, and the generally-accepted (READ: normal) world-view.

    šŸ™‚ for you for being a nice person.

    @onetamad: I am sorry but we were not allowed to take snapshots of medical records in that said hospital. But I assure you, this matter will come out in local publications anytime soon.

  13. First, and foremost, thank you. Thank you whoever you are who runs this website. There has been a dearth in the number of flame wars I can participate in, mostly because the communities where I am a member have experienced the electronic equivalent of scorched earth policy (mostly from my side) and all that they are good for now is posting stuff regarding matters offline that nobody is really interested in or asking about how good certain items/goods/professors are. Thank you for allowing me to participate in glorious online verbal warfare once again. I only stumbled upon your blog thanks to a comment left on the website of a local political pundit and look how far my readership has gone.

    I am sorry. I am very, very sorry for what I am about to do next but try to understand my side based on what I have seen and the idiocy this asshole is displaying.

    Thank you, also, DICKLIP, for being true to the nature of the first syllable of your Internet alias. You see, back then in my younger days of taking part in flame wars my main weapons were ad hominem attacks (which I admit to have used in my first comment, I will address that later) and mostly turning people\’s reasoning against them or using a variant of Godwin\’s law (without the Nazis +/- martial law and Marcos). But recently, thanks to the nature of my work/further adventures in academics, I have discovered other sources of ammunition. One of them is righteous indignation. I will use it now. And nothing you can say can ever make up for <b>how wrong you were</b> in your first comment.

    Now that I am done with my usual pre-fight rituals, let us move on.

    I may be fighting you and your posse of unenlightened minions, but you know what? I AM GOING TO WIN!

    First of all, how does it feel to have had an <i>ad hominem</i> attack used against you, you prick? You used one yourself: \"But about Noynoy, the dude is autistic.\" Hm. What were we supposed to derive from that statement? Was it declarative in nature? No. Of course not. This is because in your first paragraph you stated that you \"are not a big fan\" of Manny Villar due to reasons you do not specify. However, by stating that you are introducing a negative tone and you allowed that to go on in your second paragraph by saying \"But about Noynoy…\" It\’s a form of balancing, a symmetry. You don\’t like Villar but you are not a supporter of Noynoy either. Why? Because \"the dude is autistic.\"

    In my school, my teachers have their advocacies regarding people with developmental disorders and I have seen and participated in their sessions (not my choice, I am not and never will be a saint) with people suffering from the whole plethora of problems from autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and trisomy 21. Their efforts have resulted in people who were really withdrawn when they started (for the former) into people who can, at the very least, hold an occupation and take care of themselves. For the latter, Down\’s syndrome is no longer a reason for them to not go to school. Perhaps a bit delayed in age but capable of graduating even from sixth grade. Your statement cheapens, degrades and undoes (at least in spirit) all the hard work, all the heartbreaks and obstacles they have gotten over, and the long distances they have traversed.

    You, sir, are an asshole.

    Which is anatomically impossible considering that you are already one end of the sagittal plane combined with the other. But, hey, that\’s how the cookie crumbles and gets stomped completely flat. Tough.

    You continue by mentioning that he \"has records in a reputable Makati hospital.\" This borders on name-dropping but i will let that pass. There\’s only one reputable Makati hospital that someone from a political family.

    You make it seem, however, that you have had access to these records, something confirmed by your latest comment about not being able to take pictures. It\’s not a great leap of logic, then, to conclude that you are a member of the health care profession and even if you are not, you are well aware of the ethics, nay, the morals of maintaining patient confidentiality.

    What kind of sick values do you adhere to by wondering when those records are \"going to come out?\" Even if your insinuations regarding Noynoy Aquino are true, no one, not even the local version of Freedom of Information Act gives anyone the right to snoop into anyone\’s clinical abstracts and other health care artifacts.

    Thus, my attack concerning your \"pathetic bullshit of a life\" is warranted. Between your twisted values about compromising someone\’s privacy for the sake of feeding everyone\’s ignorance by stigmatizing certain diseases and overcoming the circumstances and the determinism of being born with a disorder that dictate a life being taken care of by someone else up until death, your side of the continuum definitely smacks of the stench of bovine fecal matter.

    And I, myself, have anosmia so you can just imagine how bad it is since the smell is so bad that it is stimulating my trigeminal nerve.

    Ah, and you end the paragraph with Noynoy\’s grandparents being \"first cousins.\" One can logically assume that this is related to his being \"autistic\" because not only is it in the same comment, it is in the same paragraph. Another <i>ad hominem</i> attack, unless he had some sort of time machine, like a TARDIS, is it Noynoy\’s fault that his grandparents had consanguinity?

    I would really, really love to see where you get your sources regarding ASD being caused by consanguinity. They must really be that innovative because the current literature states that there is <b>no</b> established genetic/familial bases for getting ASD. Please, you must share where you got this information as Pubmed is highly restrictive for poor students who cannot afford the $30-per-article fees from the New England Journal of Medicine and Elsevier.

    I will not dissect the third paragraph as the prattle of ignorant, privileged idiots who are responsible for maintaining the stigma of almost everything no one should be ashamed of from homosexuality to an inability to pronounce English words with a Western accent should be ignored.

    Instead, we turn to the fourth paragraph about him having an \"oversized head and tongue… and [having] a slight speech impediment.\" More than likely you have an anatomical variation, perhaps your lip is shaped like a penis, perhaps you have a large nose compared to the general population. Does that make you less of an individual before you started attacking those with ASD? No. Does Noynoy\’s \"oversized head and tongue\" make him less of a person? No. Does a baby born without any upper extremities thanks to its mother taking thalidomide in the first trimester of gestation make it less of a person? No.

    And yet, you know what, you called him a \"defective human,\" I hope to God, I really hope to God that all of your descendants have anatomical proportions on the level of Greek deities because I do not know what will happen if ever you have offspring who suffer from deformations/malformations/disruptions. \"Defective human.\" Real classy, bastard.

    I know the next statement might probably undo everything that I wrote previously but this just to show the badassery of the one you are facing:

    Drop dead. DROP DEAD AND GO TO HELL!

  14. @Edrie: Wow. I’m sorry to tell you but at the end of the day I DON’T CARE. You have said your piece but I have moved on with my life.

    Above all, you are a corny grown person. You really took the comment seriously and it must have affected your life gravely.

    Also, thank you for noticing me.

    Beyond this I will no longer indignify you. Say what you want, call me what you want at the butt of it all — I DON’T CARE.


  15. @DICKLIP – Well if you aren’t a wellspring of contradiction. You obviously cared enough with my initial, though ad hominem, attack with your second comment which carried an obviously offended tone.

    And now you just “DON’T CARE.”

    Wow. Just wow.

  16. I’m still curious whether there’s any proof that Sen. Aquino really has autism. I mean, the guy looks odd, but is that all we have to go on? Wouldn’t this have come out years ago?

    Not to defend the guy, but I have a feeling autism isn’t that easy to hide.

  17. @onetamad: Well, in my opinion, that would only come out now because he’s running for the highest position in office in which he is seen as a serious threat to others’ personal interests. You know naman how petty and ignorant non-medical people (like me) can be when it comes to these things. Some people would even be as stupid as saying he is “baliw”.

    Let me digress.

    Personally, I’m no big fan of noynoy but I’m not going to vote against him SOLELY because of autism. For one, I am not a fan of the aquinos because of cory’s brand of illiberal democracy which is still kicking our asses until now and how elitistas hold her up so high and how abs-cbn whitewashed her image into a saintly and motherly figure.

    To me, noynoy winning will bring back the aquino cronies to power as well as his siblings (READ: kris. LOL.) and of course, the lopezes will have some say in it too.

    But not to single noynoy out, wala rin namang magandang choices sa candidates ngayon. Can we all just imagine Villar owning every piece of fucking land, putting up townhouses and constructing major road networks near them just to make his houses’ value go up?

    I guess let us all just see how this unfolds.

  18. @Dicklip: You know, I’m starting to feel the same way. Not about autism, obviously, but that pickings are pretty slim this election season.

    The Inquirer’s running coverage on people filing their certificates of candidacy is also pretty heartbreaking.

  19. @Fauxx – Before Anonymous came into the fore, I was already provoking, attacking, and irreparably damaging the accepted social hierarchies of at least two online fora.

    Also, I don’t do this for the LOLs nor the coolness. I’d like to think of myself as an agent of Ceiling Cat. Not God, mind you, Ceiling Cat.

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