Too soon?

Life imitating art?

Powerful families operating above the law, and using violence to get what they want sounds like something out of an HBO TV-movie. Unless you’re in the Philippines, where the Sopranos have nothing on your friendly neighborhood political warlord.



  1. We’re world (in)famous again.

    But based on what I’ve been hearing, here are some broken tidbits:

    -This massacre has a deeply-rooted cause and is not just plainly politica as what the timing might convey.

    -Two sons of Ampatuan Sr. have been killed before through the MILF. The Mangudadatus are known supporters of the MILF that has 4 existing camps in Sultan Kudarat,

    -The Ampatuans, despite being suspects (until proven guilty), are actually a government asset because the MILF cannot even step foot in Maguindanao. Aside from being crucial in GMA’s win in that area.

    -The mediamen who were in that massacred convoy were forewarned not to go with the Mangudadatus.

    -The Mangudadatus that were inside that convoy were trained shooters. Meaning they knew how to shoot a gun and knew how to fight back and all that. And yes, even the women are members of the PPSA.

    -The Mangudadatus and the Ampatuans were former allies. In fact they are relatives through inter-marriages.

    Hmm. I forgot what other else I know. Anyway, this is fierce. Just imagine women being shot then getting raped while dying. Who the fuck would get off of that?!

  2. Why don\’t we just let them wipe out each other. Then if there is only one survivor left, let\’s do him/her and retake the area. They won\’t stop killing anyway and there is nothing any of us can do about it. That\’s their culture, and that is the bottom line.

  3. @Jun: Couldn’t agree with you more.

    Ted Failon said on his program to send a police detachment to capture the ones who did this.

    Can you imagine 10-12 policemen asking over 100 heavily armed men to surrender their firearms and bring them to justice? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. The AFP was ordered to move in and politely ask for Ampatuan Jr to submit to due process, apparently. Not quite an arrest, but probably the best they could do, considering.

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