Your Congress at work: Videoke for the poor

House Justice Committee chair and Quezon City Rep. Matias Defensor, Jr. is reaching out to his constituents in the 3rd District. He has acquired videoke machines to be lent out during birthdays, funerals and fiestas , another feather in his cap of legislative accomplishments.

"but then again...too few to mention..."

"but then again...too few to mention..."

There is a catch, though. The “Mat sing-along sa barangay” is loaded with videos and pictures of the congressman who represents me and Mister Vader in Congress.

It’s a win-win for all, really. People get to sing for free, and Rep. Defensor gets free election mileage. And it’ll be like having him at your birthday, fiesta or funeral! Oh, modern technology and cheap politicking, you never fail to amaze.


  1. Nice projects. Wow. And it\’s for the poor.

    Do they even pay fucking taxes to be entitled to this kind of bullshit?

  2. No. they don’t pay taxes, but they are in the VOTER’s list, and leave it to MAtt Defensor to capitalize on the voters. Congressman, naisip mo man lang ba na “ayusin muna” district mo? You were the one who instigated the pickets in tandang sora that you gave them false information regarding the path of the connecting highway. You should be kicked out of government service because you are plainly a TRA-PO. Hope to God you LOSE in 2010.

  3. @onetamad: The pickets and banners placed by the illegal settlers there were instigated by defensor together with beda torrecampo. By connecting the nlex and slex, the highway will got through the area and the congressman’s house would be exposed to the public that is why he made disinformations regarding the aqueduct would be damaged which is 10 meters below ground according to my sources and that most of the illegal settlers would be affected as well. what would be affected is the large portion of mwss property which is government property which the mwss gladly obliged to give up for the project.

  4. @onetamad: Kind of surprising? 🙂 Well surprisingly, I can’t expose my sources. But believe me when I say we’re neither military nor leftist. We’re like “ANONYMOUS”, just trying to help this country progress to the greater good 8).

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