Word Association with Joey De Venecia

ZTE whistleblower and Internet star Jose De Venecia III recently came out with a radio ad (as some sort of advocacy message, I guess) talking about how he saved the Philippines from an anomalous deal.

secretly hating corruption

Disguised as Joey De Venecia, mild-mannered businessman

His tagline at the end of the ad: “Delicadeza (propriety). De Venecia.” Because, you know, that’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name De Venecia.

The second thing that you think of:


The third thing is unprintable.


  1. Pre-campaign campaigning isn’t very delicadeza either. And it isn’t even couched as an advocacy ad. Bayan Muna’s Teddy Casino has one too. I am disappoint.

  2. Little Joey is a total wanker. A whistleblower because somebody stiffed him out of his cut of the grift, and now a potential one-note candidate for Senate. Complete waste of time and space, this guy.

    On an unrelated note, is his old man trying to cop a peek down GMA’s blouse in that picture?

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