BF to sweep up SLEX traffic

Kung kinakailangang baklasin, babaklasin namin, (If we have to tear things down, we’ll tear things down.” This was Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando’s ultimatum to the developers of the Skyway that has turned the South Luzon Expressway anything but. (Well, it still goes to South Luzon, so there’s that.) He’s given them until Sunday to ease traffic along the highway or the MMDA will step in.

Take that, Philippine National Construction Corp. chief Maite Defensor, daughter of arch-fiend and Quezon City Rep. Matias Defensor, Jr.! I guess your approach of giving motorists a toll discount instead of, you know, clearing the road doesn’t work after all.

The Indolent Indio has not been kind to Chairman BF, and this display of brass balls does not make him less of a douchebag, but he’s a douchebag we can respect (for now.)

"Yay! I've won over the lazy blogger demographic!"

"Yay! I've won over the lazy blogger demographic!"


  1. From the article:

    “During the inspection, Fernando said the north and southbound lanes of SLEX were narrowed down to just two lanes because the barriers and scaffoldings at the center island worksite occupy too much space.”

    You mean like how Fernando’s beloved U-turns narrow down roads all over Metro Manila?

    Nope, he still gets no respect from me.

  2. @ubernards: His outfit on the pic in this post isn’t that bad. Like a patagonian penguin, or a nice guy cowboy.

    @Dicklip: Joyfulchicken, apparently. He’s a glib talker, you see, and a prolific writer.

    @joyfulchicken: I see what you did there. Well played.

  3. Publicity stunt much? I’m not sure there’s even a legal basis/jurisdictional basis for this pronouncement. But hey… when you’re down to single polling digits, extrajurisdictional pronouncements aren’t acts of desperation 🙂

    Anyway, anyone seen BF’s latest TV ads? Looks like he hired Mar Roxas’ “padyak ad” consultant judging from the plotlines/themes. Tip to BF: drop that clown. Didn’t help Mar. Won’t help you.

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