Atty. Romulo Macalintal, Cunning Linguist

I wanna be a National Artist too!

I wanna be a National Artist too!

Law expert Atty. Romulo Macalintal has officially joined the ranks of government apologists like House Speaker Prospero Nograles, Presidential legal adviser and zombie lord Raul Gonzalez and douchbag extraordinaire Michael Defensor by resorting to that finest of legal arguments: the ad hominem.

In a press briefing this week, Macalintal attacked Philippine media, and journalists in general, for expecting his principal, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to live a moral life when they themselves are corrupt.

“If we’re talking about morality, you should take a look at yourselves, at the informercials you’re running which could be violating the law,” he said, referring to pre-campaign “advocacy” ads that have been airing on the major networks (of which several were produced by government agencies.)

“If you already know it is immoral, then why advertise? Why accept the advertisement? Doesn’t that also make you immoral?,” he asked, vindicating his boss not at all.

“Who among us here is clean anyway?,” he asked, adding that journalists receive pay offs just like politicians do.

He also took a jab at American media saying, “why don’t you ask the New York Post the basis for bringing up the issue of immorality, given there are many poor Filipinos.”  What indeed?


  1. There’s a lot more fallacies than ad hominem here.

    1) Just because others are immoral does not make your deeds any less immoral.

    2) Journalists can be drug-addicted sodomites for all anybody cares, but as President of the nation, she’s expected to follow certain standards and set examples.

    Apparently logic isn’t a prerequisite skill for lawyers.

  2. “I assure the public that not a single centavo of Filipino taxpayers’ money was spent wisely for that dinner”

    trans. = I’M RICH, BITCH

  3. “In a press briefing this week, Macalintal attacked Philippine media, and journalists in general, for expecting his principal, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to live a moral life when they themselves are corrupt.”

    In other words, he attacked them for holding public officials to the standards expected of them – pretty much doing their job?

  4. Reminds me of that stupid quote I see in various places within Metro Manila, usually near a police station or a barangay outpost:

    “The law applies to all,
    Otherwise, none at all.”

    Doubly stupid is making it rhyme using the same word.

  5. OO nman, Atty. Mac was right, bakit ang media sino ang nakikinabang sa infomercial na yan, di ba ang ABS CBN at mga alipores nila. Ang kakapal ng mukha ninyong magsalita tungkol sa morality, eh kayo nmang media ang dahilan kung bakit unti unting bumaba ang moralidad ng pinoy eh, ano ba yang mga bold films na prinopromote nyo jan, akala mo kung malinis kayo, pweeeee!

  6. Bk akala nyo porke media kayo eh, kayo na ang most powerful! powerful nga pero ang pagrereport nyo kulang masyado. Ang iniisip kasi nyo ay kung paano kayo kumita, hindi yung kapakanan ng taong bayan. Isa apa hindi lng po si Arroyo ang kumain sa worth 20,000 na yan marami sila, At hindi rin sya ang nagbayad, kaya kung minsan ang demokrasya d2 sa ating bansa ay tinatawag na misguided democracy

  7. @Rob Cruz: Yeah, pretty much. Except it’s getting dangerously close to the “he who has no sin” argument. M’s law is about to be in full effect.

  8. In the philippines, we are complete, we have our big broadcasting companies.(eg. ABS-CBN, GMA etc) but this media establishment instead of carrying out the interest of the ordinary people they are totally taking advantage of the weakness of every poor and ignorant filipinos to enrich themselves and to advance their business interest. One trillion times I agree with Atty. Macalintal when he attacked the Philippine Media who are very good in acting as protector of the poor but in fact a molester of the poor filipinos, shame on you

  9. @Roy Dominguez: It’s true that media manufactures the news to some extent. But, surely, it can’t invent these scandals out of thin air? There has to be a basis, like a lavish dinner in New York, before a scandal catches.

    Also, Atty. Macalintal’s mudslinging doesn’t contribute to the truth or any sort of accountability of our public officials.

  10. Some times we’ve got to use our head, How many of them ate in that dinner in new york? they are 65, in that is worth 15,000 dollars, divided by 65 is equals to 230 dollars, so the presidents dinner at that time is worth 230 dollars do u consider that as lavish, and lastly, the president was not the one who paid the the food, someone admitted that he paid it, common whats wrong with you people.

  11. Were they 65? Press Sec. Remonde says there were only around 20 of them. Anyway, $230 comes out to about P11,000 per head. So, yes, that’s still pretty lavish, don’t you think?

    And when the media started harping on the morality of spending P11,000, they meant that it was a social sin given how many Filipinos are hungry.

    Do you honestly see nothing wrong with that?

  12. Nothing wrong when someone paid it for her, is it not the presidents fault if someone invited her and she go. Unless u have evidence to prove that she was the one who paid the food using public money. And lastly its not the lone fault of the president if many filipinos are hungry all of us are responsible. Do not always think of what the government can do to you, but instead always think of what we can do to our government. That has always been the principle of most citizens of baguio.

  13. Let us not base our opinion on just “haka haka lamang” as what Atty Mac. said. Let us based it on facts. and not just facts, it should be on proven facts. In this particular issue, the president said that she didnt have the intention to eat in that resto, but because of invitation she go. Now the alleged host have already admitted that he hosted the dinner. Bakit ang presidente pa rin and may kasalanan, kulang na lang u blame the president for your failures in life, hindi nman yata tama yan, pare koy. Let us not allow politicians to gain pa pogi score on this issue again.

  14. @roy dominguez: You have a point about the fouth estate being biased for commercial gain. The problem with your defense is that this isn’t the only time Arroyo et al. enjoyed and spend frivolously on luxuries which should be better spent on education and what not. You know less important stuff. Because the truth is that people (for they have very good reason to be so) just don’t trust this regime any more. Not when they see very dubious wealth accumulation by Gloria. So yeah, the public (and the press by extension) has the right to be offended by the lack of delicadeza. Especially when the woman who was the symbol of earnestness and thrift in the government just died. True, we can’t prove that Gloria paid for the meal. In the same way we can’t prove she cheated in the 2004 elections.

  15. FreeS is right! The current administration cannot claim to be on higher moral ground.

    OneT is right! Right now, the law applies to none at all.

    RoyD is right! It’s not just the president’s fault.

    I’m right! Otherwise, the four of us are wrong. Hehehe.

  16. How can you say that people dont trust the government anymore, its only you who cant trust the gov’t at present just because of your political idols, who happens to be on the other side. Hindi lng ikaw ang Pilipino noh! Let us not just think of the expenses incurred by the president in her foreign travels instead we should consider also the benefits granted to us by the rich countries due to her initiative. Its only during her incumbency when we saw this kind of improvement in our economy.

  17. No President is perfect and you can never be satisfied with his/her performance if you\’re just thinking of your own personal agenda. when we judge a leader our first criteria is his/her accomplishment, not on opinion survey or popularity. Because a political will of a leader is very important. That is why i\’m praying that sana manalo ulit si Estrada, o kayay si Roxas, o si Lacson, o si Legarda para tingnan natin kung ano nman ang magagawa nila.

  18. The philippines is one of the poorest country in asia, therefore we need the assistance of other countries in order that we can cope up. It doesnt take painstaking for us to accept that because that is the truth. Kung bakit pa ba tayo pinalaya ng mga Amerikano, anong nangyari sa atin. We trusted our fellow filipinos but they failed us, binusog muna nila ang kanilang mga sarili, kaya tuloy yung mga mayayaman ay laging yumayaman, ang mga nahihirap lalong humihirap

  19. @ROyDominguez: True, the prsesident has done a lot of projects and for that a fourth of the population will prasise her. The problem is that most of the money is borrowed from foreign institutions. It is her extravagance and greed that puts people off. Kinda like the time that Marcos declared ML. People thought that Ferdi could create a New Society, but guess what happened? It is Gloria’s impugnity and lack of restraint in using less than admirable methods. Again, that’s why people don’t trust her. But to settle the point once and for all, I ask your opinion on the botched MOA-AD. From that point you’ll probably blame the MILF but I blame the government. They knew the BIAF would react in a barbarous manner. They knew what would happen. The country is used as one huge Chess game, that’s pretty much why I hate Gloria

  20. I do not question the crediblity of surveys but I question the way it is being conducted. Mostly, the survey is conducted in manila only, and there are just 300 or 500 correspondents of the said survey. Now can you extrapulate that one and say that the voice of that 500 correspondents is the voice of 90,000,000 filipinos? Now I ask you, if you would become president of the philippines in the future, what do you prefer to protect, the interest of every Ordinary Filipino people or your popularity rating?

  21. Mukhang spoiled na ang mga politico na mahilig na magpapogi sa media. Palibhasay malaki ang ibinabayad sa mga taga media eh. Saan nila nakuha iyan. Dapat imbestigahan ang mga iyan. Gaya ni Roxas saan niya nakuha ang 140 million na nagastos sa infomercial niya? nong nagdeklara siya ng SALN niya may umabot ba na 140 million? WALA! ngayon, nasa’n na ang magagaling na AKBAYAN, BAYAN MUNA, at iba pang NPA groups jan. Ang presidente lng ba kayo naka focus dahil mas malaki ang posibilidad na makapuntos kayo ng papogi sa media? ANG KAPAL NIYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. AD HOMINEM… but the system is worse than you say. Since this is a comedy site,

    Why did you hit your husband with a chair?”

    “I couldn’t lift the table.”

  23. what do you mean untouchable, do you mean you want the president to be with you always and give you personal attention, what a shame. The president has been there, hugging and kissing the aetas, the tasadays, the muslims. and even did not spare to shake hands with manero, the man who killed a priest and ate his brain. Kung yung personal na interest lng nating ang iniisip natin walang mangyayari sa atin. And one thing more, and mga taga media isa isa ng gumagawa ng eksena para siguro magpasikat, hay naku Pilipinas gising na

  24. About that MOA-AD ok, let me share w/ you some provisions of the MOA which the critics of malacanang questioned. And to make it clear the Supreme never declared the MOA-AD as unconstitutional it just ruled that it was moot and academic. The ff. are some provisions of the MOA explained one by one:

    * Recognize the Bangsamoro people as “distinct from the rest of the national communities”;

    It is not bad if we recognize them as distinct, because they really are distinct from other communities, but it doest mean to say that they are not covered by national laws, there are special laws that will be created to protect them. like for example the IPRA that was created for indigenous people like me. And it is now very effective. We cannot blame them if they seek this status, considering the discrimination they are experiencing even up to now.

    * Grant the Bangsamoro people their own “distinct territory”;

    If we say distinct territory, it doesn’t mean to say that other filipinos are not welcome in that territory.

    * Grant the Bangsamoro people their own “government”; and,

    If we say own government. They will be granted an autonomous government, which will be still under the national government. Like the Autonomous region of muslim mindanao, and Cordillera administrative region. It did not say “grant them own country” ok. If the philippine constitntion allows the Creation of ARMM and CAR what should be the reason why it wouldn’t allow the creation of a special government for the bangsamoro people.

    * Concede international recognition to the Bangsamoro people.

    This means like the AETAS and the TASADAYS and other indigenous peoples in the country, they should also be recognized internationally. Like what other countries are doing. There government is patiently working for the recognition of their Indigenous people in the international community. The bangsamoro people are humans just the same. In short what they are only asking for is a special concern or attention from the government.
    The only mistake that the government committed was that there was no proper consultation conducted. This is the only reason why the other communities in mindanao got nervous for suspicion that the gov’t is not concerned with them. Why so because of the politicians who take advantage to ride on the issue.

  25. when the critics of malacanang like the makati business club hold a grand social party, are they thinking of their impoverished countrymen? When the manila media are drinking and eating lechon, do they even take time out to pray for the poor, or do they attack the buffet table like hungry wolves, unmindful of what is happening to the rest of the country?

  26. And the ABS CBN should at least cut the hundreds of millions they are giving to Willie Revillame who had yachts, several mansions, and lots of money in the bank just for being TV personality, and share it to the poor.

    Hindi yung pag may natulungan silang may sakit eh frontline na kaagad sa news nila. Yung pera namang binibigay nila na tulong eh nanggagaling sa donation ng taong bayan. Hindi mas nakakahiya yan?

  27. And one more thing. we have no right to judge other people and say that they are bitch. If we do so, or if we insist then we are playing GOD, after all it’s only the lord almighty who can judge us. I remember mr. bernal who called president Cory bitch when she was still president. But now he is one who gave the best eulogy for president cory when she died. All that he said are all praises shortly calling president Cory as saint. Well, it is not bad if we contradict ourselves sometime. But it is bad if we contradict ourselves just to gain milleage o yun bang para lng magpasikat ka. heheheh. Pls. let us have peace…..

  28. The SC said the process by which the MOA-AD was done is unconstitutional, but did the honorable SC touched the contents of the MOA-AD? Did it declared the contents thereto unconstitutional? No it did not, that is why the court said a renogotiation must be done to ensure that proper process must be done.

  29. The main problem I have with Arroyo is her desire to acquire as much power in the government. Fair enuff, still and in all the reaction to the MOA-AD by the MILF was pretty predictable. Agitating and enticing them. This in general is my main contention with GLo. She is really is that wicked genius that hogs everything.

    Also, her economic miracles come with many caveats. Like changing definitions and what not.

  30. A tu quoque argument, I suppose that would violate equal implementation. But in all, the fact that the President is spending like a queen while the country suffered a huge loss with Cory (who wopuld have none of that special treatment in her time) seemed a bit insensitive.

    That is why people got pissed off with GLo. And when the the flury over it passed off boiling point the Palace had to go on the defensive. Bringing with them all sorts of bogus promises. Like this one:

    You see Roy, their is a thing in economics called opportunity cost. The role of government – at least ion theory – is to manage scarce and minimum resources. When she spent millions of pesos in her extravagant trip to the US along with her cohorts, the cash could have been better off used for funding education. For instance the fact that she cut down 50 percent of the tertiary education budget pisses me off. Their is the main reason why I and pretty much every other Filipino is pissed off. Surely, she has to fabricate more and more economic \\"padalas\\" for this one

  31. My friend, managing the government is like a business, if you will not innovate and try to look for other resources to profit, you will be stagnant. It is better that you spend to gain right. I dont care if arroyo wants to condole w/ the aquino family, what is important is that she is doing what is good for every ordinary filipino. And by basing it on IPRA, it would not violate equal impelementation, if you know, IPRA is very effective now. And one thing more, let us blame that group formed by the president to look into this MOA-AD because the didn’t conduct a proper consultation. Even the president was angry with the PAPP for this failure. And there’s no perfect government you know. Anyway I admire your proficiency in english, and thank you because I’m also learning from you.

  32. Roy Dominguez has verified M’s law on post #37 by invoking God’s name. Rational discussion is now officially over. Please feel free to post photos of our President badly photoshopped into absurd, incongruous situations.

  33. @Roy D: I see what you’re saying re: the unconstitutionality of the process of negotiating for the MOA-AD. But didn’t the process therefore make the entire thing unconstitutional? Your PGMA herself said that the MOA-AD needs a change in the constitution. Doesn’t that then mean that the deal isn’t allowed under our constitution? That’s pretty much what being unconstitutional is, I think.

    Good job pointing out that former PAPP Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. was removed from his post soon after…and kept on the cabinet as head of the PResidential Management Staff.
    Not much of a rebuke, is it?

    Oops, M’s Law.

  34. @onetamad: Maybe you’ve got the point, but i just want to reiterate that there is nothing in the contents of the contract that is tantamount to treason or whatever like what the critics and public milleage hunger individuals are saying. A renogotiation is still to be done. There is nothing in the contents of the MOA-AD that violates our fundamental law. There is nothing in the contents of the MOA-AD that was consciously and purposely crafted to aid its enemies. The bangsamoro people are not enemies of the state. They belong to the minority called indigenous peoples. Well, in fact, the indigenous communities are doing more good or contributing more than us in the majority.

  35. @onetamad: Maybe you’ve got the point, but i just want to reiterate that there is nothing in the contents of the contract that is tantamount to treason or whatever like what the critics and public milleage hunger individuals are saying. A renogotiation is still to be done. There is nothing in the contents of the MOA-AD that violates our fundamental law. There is nothing in the contents of the MOA-AD that was consciously and purposely crafted to aid our enemies. The bangsamoro people are not enemies of the state. They belong to the minority called indigenous peoples. Well, in fact, the indigenous communities are doing more good or contributing more than us in the majority.

  36. “The Court stressed that the MOA-AD cannot be reconciled with the present Constitution and laws.

    Not only its specific provisions but the very concept underlying them, namely, the associative relationship envisioned between the GRP and the BJE, are unconstitutional, for the concept presupposes that the associated entity is a state and implies that the same is on its way to independence, it said.”

    Violating the constitution is illegal on some level, Roy D.

  37. When you said the court stressed that the MOA-AD cannot be reconciled with the present constitution, did it specify provisions of the consititution and the MOA-AD, what you are saying is just an opinion of one justice. the SC never declared any or specific provision of the MOA-AD illegal, the SC just questioned the process by which the MOA-AD was undertaken. That is very clear. And if you remember the vote is 8 versus 7, that is very narrow. You pls, read all the ruling of the SC in GR Nos. 183591, 183572, 183893, and 183951 before you say something ok

  38. palibhasay yung opinion lng ni Justice Antonio Carpio ang binasa mo, if you remember itong si justice Antonio Carpio, bago pa naging kaso ang MOA-AD nagbigay na siya ng opinion na illegal daw, nung naging kaso na at pinayuhan siyang mag inhibit ayaw niya, kaya ano ba yan

  39. Also, you’ve derailed the whole discussion. We were talking about the logic behind calling media immoral absolving the Arroyo administration of its own immorality.

  40. Does the 8-7 vote make the decision any less valid, Roy D.?
    Furthermore, Roy D., the dissent was not to say that the MOA-AD was constitutional, but that the issue was already moot since the agreement was never signed anyway.

  41. If the supreme court indeed declared any provision of the MOA-AD illegal, why would it order a renegotiation to be done? The SC is not so stupid to do that. The SC believe that the MOA-AD is really significant in making peace in mindanao, the SC just want that proper consultation must be done. I suggest that when you read a jurisprudence you try to get the very clux of the issues raised and resolved so that you will understand

  42. Alright, then if it’s not contrary to the Constitution, then why did PGMA specifically say that we must shift to a federal form of government in order to operationalize the BJE? Hmm?

    Sir, I happen to work in media. I have never taken a bribe, I have never taken a pay off. And even if I did, does the fact that networks accept infomercials (some of which are produced bg NGAs) actually absolve the president of the allegations against her? Really?

  43. Noong presidente si Cory, anong sabi ng mga pilipino lalo na yung tga manila? buti pa no’ng panahon ni Marcos ganito ganit ganito, sabi nila. Nang maging presidente si Ramos, sabi ng mga pilipino, buti pa ng panahon ni Cory ganit ganito ganito, sabi nila. Nang maging presidente si Erap sabi ng mga pilipino buti pa nong panahon ni Ramos ganito ganito ganito, sabi nila. At ngayon panahon ni GMA anong sinasabi ng mga pilipino? It is really sad to think pero totoo na ang mga pilipino ay may problema sa attitude. Karamihan sa atin at makasarili marunong lang magkomento sa pagkakamali ng iba pero hindi nman tinitingnan ang sarili, puros pang personla na interes ang iniisip.

  44. allegations, yes just an allegation, but was it proven in a court of law? marunong kayong magsalita pero duwag naman kayo sa korte. Bakit korte ba ang media, what do you think of yourselves? ang alam kong korte lng ng pilipinas ay MTC, RTC, CA, SANDIGAN BAYAN, COURT OF TAX APPEALS, SHARIA’S DITRICT COURT AT SAKA SUPREME COURT, wala akong nakita sa constitution na pwdeng gawing korte ang media, are totally expecting much about yourselves as media? the job of the media is to report facts not analyze the facts and tell it to the filipino people, we filipino people do not need your opinion. Just report the facts and bahala na kaming gumawa ng aming opinion, we do not need your opinion.

  45. and by the way no need for you to check my english because I admit im not good in english as you are, yan yata ang ipinagmamalaki ninyo kaya sobrang taas at believe ninyo sa inyong mga sarili. the philippine media is the most undisciplined media in the world, that is the only truth that I can defend till death. Mga media na ang yayabang, ang taas ng tingin sa mga sarili, marunong mangutong sa mga politico, marunong magpasikat yan ang philipiine media, so do not blame anyone but yourselves if many among you are being gunned down

  46. she is being criticized and she\’s taking those criticisms constructively. And who are criticizing her? Media isn\’t it. In behalf of the filipino people daw. Heheheh! And what are the bases of the criticism? suspicion isn\’t it. And when the media also was criticized, were they taking the criticisms constructively? NO, they insist that they are sinless. They might have forgotten those 3000 to 5000 pesos they are receiving from politician especially from congressman. I know this because I worked as a staff of a cordilleran congressman before.

  47. marunong magmalinis kasi ang media nating eh, like for example the ABS CBN, kitang kita naman eh. Try to read this:

    It’s shameful that ABS-CBN has allowed its coverage of Philippine news to be swayed and influenced by its owners, the Lopez family. The Lopezes running feuds with the Arroyos and Macapagals have led to unbalanced, biased reporting on the part of ABS-CBN. Down with all feudalism in the Philippines, including in the media sector!

    It incenses me when Western media, trying to be polite, notes that the Philippines has a rabidly free press. What what useful purpose do Filipinos use their freedom of the press? Philippine news in general does not strive for objective coverage. Not only is it sensationalist, but worse, one cannot distinguish between the standard news articles and editorials. Most recently it has been absurd notions of Arroyo trying to cling to power by supporting a parliamentary system. a) The Philippines needs a parliamentary system to help encourage the development of real political parties, and the Senate is redundant–basically 24 egotistical mini Presidents. If Arroyo is so unpopular, she would not win election, and her party would not control Parliament; so scaremongering on the part of the media is nonsensical.

    Shoddy, unprofessional, irresponsible reporting is one factor in the Philippines’ poor economic and political development.

  48. Why afraid? you always say that the president is so unpopular. then why afraid if she will become prime minister, people are just afraid with their very own ghost. I hope that the next leader of our nation will be one who has a political will, hindi yung popularity rating lang prinipreserve

  49. RoyD: The people won’t be selecting the Prime Minister. The PM is elected by fellow members of parliament. Your argument doesn’t exactly hold water.

    FreeSince09: Let’s close this thread and move on, shall we? There’s a picture of a cake that looks like a cock on the latest post!

  50. Oh my God, but it will be the filipino people who will vote if they want charter change or no in what we call plebicite. Your argument is no argument at all. If the people want parliamentary form of government then they will vote for it, at this juncture the people can also show if they want the president to be prime minister. Only one thing that you cannot admit is that the campaign for charter change is gaining ground, the filipino people saw the difference of our present type of government and the parliamentary form of government. We in the far flung provinces are willing and are also very ready for a parliamentary form of government

  51. Guys, remember: \"IN ANY DEMOCRACY, THE PEOPLE GET THE GOVERNMENT THAT THEY DESERVE\".If the people are too lazy, incompetent and always wants to go above the law, then so will their leaders. Corruption is a part of any government and it can never be removed. FYI: it started with the Royals and transcended all through history. The problem is, as humans, we have the tendency to make sure we surpass the legacies of our predecessors. and FYI: There is no such thing as heaven or hell nor good and evil. Let\’s face it, we are all doomed to destroy each other till kingdom com. Sorry. 🙁

    Roy makes a good point. The Media is really not unbiased, they tell, print or broadcast what they want to say with the full extent of mocking the people. If they get irked by the ones they interview, they make it their personal crusade to demolish his/her reputation, especially ABS-CBN. They are all jerks in there.

  52. And the MEDIA should also spare us the term “Right to free speech”. It is so totally abused by the MEDIA that they use it as their power to manipulate the people. And what comprises the people? Only 20% of Filipinos THINK with their brains, 70% with their dicks (metaphorically speaking) with he rest 10%, too stupid to even think about thinking. Kagagawan ng ABS-CBN for their shows.

  53. In my understanding of Article VII of Section 4 of the Constitution Re: The President shall not be eligible for any re-election. It looks the missing word here the position to be re-elected. In the absence of such said position, it is clear that meaning of re-election is the next election of which the President duly voted by the people is prohibited to participate either to vote or to participate in any re-election processes.

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