Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, 2nd Dist. Pampanga

Agrarian Reform Secretary and King of Valley Golf Nasser Pangandaman just confirmed that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be seeking a seat on the House of Representatives in 2010.

With the entire machinery of Lakas-Kampi CMD backing her and, you know, being the fucking president of the country, you won’t need computerized elections to tell you who’ll be representing the 2nd District of Pampanga in the 15th Congress.

It's-a-me, Gloria!

It's-a-me, Gloria!

46% of the country thinks she’s a liar and a cheat, but she’ll win by a landslide in Pampanga anyway and bury her opponents, if anyone else even bothers to file for candidacy at all.

The No Elections conspiracy theorists were right after all, there won’t be any elections, not in the 2nd District of Pampanga, anyway.


  1. Strictly speaking, it won’t be a term extension. Also,strictly speaking, there’s nothing illegal about it. But it’s a douchebag move.

  2. this is just sad. how pathetic can she get? ~.~ can’t figure out what she’s up to though. it’s not like she needs the paycheck, right? XP

  3. And the news came as a surprise to no one.

    I will now make a prediction: if the shift to parliamentary system goes through, Ed Panlilio will run against Gloria for the House seat. And he will lose.

  4. Yeah. You’re probably right. After which he will wander the lahar lands for 40 years as an exile.

    If PGMA does run, though, then Among Ed has to stay in Pampanga to act as a thorn in her side.

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