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Sadly, this is no more absurd than the thinly-veiled “advocacy ads” that our presumptive presidential candidates have been spending millions on months before the official campaign period.

Pres. Quezon actually did endorse Ang Tibay shoes, if memory serves. But, you know, those were shoes, not abstracts like hard work and perseverance.

Enraged by early campaigning and/or our mediocre Photoshop skills? Feel free to make your own political ads and post them below. Or not. It’s up to you, really.


  1. Because Sen. Roxas is a marrying man, and he means it to his dearest Korina, he joins the fight against infidelity by pushing passion onto Filipino couples. Today he is seen at the Senate illustrating how Filipinos can improve their relationships by bringing his own tools of the trade.8b460e7a657911de8540bfc.jpg

  2. Realizing that his opponents in 2010 are pitching the same “Defend Democracy, No To Con-Ass” strategy, Sen. Roxas launches his advocacy for entrepreneurship and pride in Filipino products through advertisements of his very own locally-made snack food.

    In defense against allegations of wanton campaigning well-ahead of the prescribed campaign period, the clever senator describes his actions as “merely leading by example.”


  3. A week after a haphazard deal with a very enterprising Chinese businessman, Senator Villar was shocked to find that while he was guaranteed to reach many thousands of low-income voters by “piggybacking on the rapid spread of digital media,” he didn’t immediately understand that his campaign materials would be included in fast-moving pirated adult movie DVDs sold in Divisoria.

    The rest of the Senate said that they would schedule an investigative hearing just as soon as they’ve “viewed the evidence in entirety.”dvdcovervillar.jpg

  4. Bro. Eddie discovers that he was dealing with the same bloke to handle his campaign media kit.

    So he immediately orders some of his church members to buy off and dispose of the DVDs. They were too late.

    The following week, the Senate floor was abuzz over the latest video discovery. When media asked why each senator had a copy, they commonly replied “for posterity.”dvdcovervillanueva.jpg

  5. Aww, animated stuff not allowed? I made the Hitt-chuh animation just for this blog (well, I gotta admit I wouldn’t mind posting it elsewhere “appropriate,” but I gave you first dibs).

  6. Hey I think your image uploader is broken. It didn’t show mine. Is it being moderated? There’s no notice.

  7. Hey, Filo.

    I don’t think this page recognizes html tags. You could use the [IMG] etc tags instead. I think. I’m just a monkey man.

  8. Somehow the colors look like this rubik here is unsolvable. Was that the symbolism here?
    Or maybe i’m just a dumdum.

  9. Nice spread you got here!
    Finally they’re all visible.
    (But dang my repeat attempt to post is redundant)

  10. Filo :

    Somehow the colors look like this rubik here is unsolvable. Was that the symbolism here?
    Or maybe i’m just a dumdum.

    Our current state of politics seems unsolvable, yes. No matter how you twist this rubik, you’ll find it impossible to make any side uniform. And with the way our presidential hopefuls are playing the game, I am pretty sure things will stay the same for a long time. Tayo ang kawawa because there isn’t a single upright, true altruist out there who would choose to run for president.
    (Sorry Bro. Eddie, not even you count as a true altruist.)

  11. Monty Dean does have a point. Risa’s pretty hot if you can see past the garb and the politics.

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