Hey, HOR.How’s the whoring?

No, seriously. How is it?

Will your pork barrel funds, and the remote possibility of getting to wear a wig as a member of parliament, somehow transform you guys into a better class of lawmaker?

Or will we have the same kind of representational democracy as we do now, where the objections of 66% of the country against charter change are ignored in favor of an ass-raping of the constitution?

Where matters more pressing to a larger sector of society–like agrarian reform for example–are set aside for a constitutionally-inform resolution that did not go through the proper channels and has been abandoned by its original author?

Bukidnon Rep. Teofisto Guingona III, deputy minority leader, had it right when he said that the people do not trust this Congress not to royally fuck up the constitution despite an agreement signed by administration congressmen that they won’t touch term extensions or cancel the 2010 elections.

That would be like trusting a whore not to steal your wallet while you take a shower, or not to give you some terrible venereal disease.  Only one thing can be counted on in situations like this: you’re going to get fucked.


  1. Many of our countrymen are a complacent and/or ignorant lot. So I guess change won’t happen.

    Example, if I try to be the spark for a revolution, let’s say, by successfully assassinating GMA and her cronies (lol), can I even trust my countrymen to succeed such a legacy through other means (like probably take a shit on the steps of the Supreme Court or burn down the CBCP).

    I don’t know if anyone else sees it like I do, but I think this country must first experience a period or bloodshed and immense terror before it actually changes.

  2. While it’s a bit overboard to generalize whores as thieves (the only complain I have), you’re quite right on the lack of fuck-satisfaction from all of this mess.

  3. @DICKLIP: yeah, our countrymen are complacent after years of accepting whatever crap the politicians [and priests from CBCP (which can also be considered politicians for meddling with state affairs even though the constitution states that the State and the Church must be separated)] pull from their asses. but I doubt that anyone from our country can start a period of bloodshed and immense terror nationwide so that the complacent countrymen will start using their brains and moving their bottoms.

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