DOTC Asec Ambushed in Ortigas

An acting assistant secretary in the Department of Transportation and Communication was ambushed on Ortigas Extension today.

In broad daylight, and with no actual bushes or woods to spring the ambush from, one has to wonder what this country is coming to when it’s open season even in the business district.


The shooting was apparently done by men on a motorcycle, far removed from the killer hashish-eaters of old-school assassination, and with no real effort to be subtle about it.

Also,how low have we fallen if even acting assistant secretaries, basically mid-level managers, are valid targets of an assassination attempt? Whatever happened to just spitting on your boss’s food and slashing his tires?


  1. How much does it take to have someone kill acting assistant secretary these days? Is 100,000 enough?

  2. @joyfulchicken: I dunno, man. With the cops and soldiers that we have now, I doubt that declaring martial law would make the streets any safer.

    @Ardeen: Much less than that, I’m sure. But that doesn’t mean you should do it! We at Indolent Indio believe in responsible fun.

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