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Hayden Cam: The Sex Scandal Scandal


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Our correspondent in the Senate reports that actress Katrina Halili went there today, and was welcomed by a raging horde of reporters, photojournalists and camera men.

Halili spent thirty minutes circling the parking lot before finally walking into the Senate lobby in a tasteful sleeveless top, which, we suppose, is the appropriate attire for women trying to regain their dignity. (Inappropriate attire for the Senate at any rate.)

Meanwhile, Dr. Hayden Kho faces jail time if a case filed against him by Halili prospers, with a Senate investigation into possible stiffer legislation against scandal videos is waiting in the wings.

Dr. Kho may soon find himself in front of a panel of senators and explaining his terrible rendition of “Careless Whisper” and the sad male stripper dance that he did in accompaniment.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, a retired trial judge, has an entirely different solution, however:

If he wants to do this kind of thing, if he gets a kick from it, he has to go to a country where the culture allows it, not in the Philippines.

Which, in so many words, means one thing: exile. You know who else was exiled? Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. The biblical Cain. Lepers and the feeble-minded. Well, Jose Rizal, too. But that’s not the point.



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