Catanduanes: serious business

oh, catanduanes...

oh, Catanduanes...

The provincial board of Catanduanes wants the government to ban airing of a TV ad for corrupting the minds of thousands of children into thinking remittance is spelled L-B-C.

While proper spelling is fundamental, unless banking is now an elementary school subject, nobody would really have noticed.


  1. I hereby declare Catanduanes the dumbest province in the Philippines.

    Brilliant advert by LBC, targetting the OFW’s of the future.

  2. @valby: may punto naman, pero tingin ko trabaho na ng magulang na sabihin sa kanilang anak na hindi lahat ng nakikita sa TV ay tama o totoo.

    @matinik: seconding the motion, especially considering the provincial board of Bukidnon’s non-retarded resolution to ban the entry of endosulfan into their province.

  3. great advertising campaign by LBCs agency! and i so, second the motion for matinik’s declaration.

    i will not wonder if they will pass another resolution stopping LBC\’s operation in their province hehehe

  4. @joyfulchicken: Probably. Or destroy cellphones altogether.

    @tina: I think they did too, actually. It’s in the link.

    @valby: marunong ka naman na magbasa eh, so okay na yun. 🙂

  5. Reminds me of a scene from The Little Rascals.

    Buckwheat takes the phone handset and says to Porky, “Quick! What’s the number for 9-1-1?” LOL

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