Biogesic for Kids: Elixir of Everything

We at Indolent Indio try our best to respond to your comments because we care about you. It somehow makes us feel that we help make the cold and impersonal wasteland that is the Internet a little less so.

So, when Indolent reader Kathrina left a comment praising Biogesic for Kids, we felt that it was our duty to share how this wonder drug has changed our lives for the better. If we save just one child from fever by spreading the word, then our lives will have been well spent.

After all, that’s what the Internet should be about: helping people.


What about you, dear reader? Share with us how Biogesic for Kids made your life better.

Paracetamol and Fragments of the True Cross is the Generic Name of Biogesic for Kids

Paracetamol and Fragments of the True Cross is the Generic Name of Biogesic for Kids


  1. Biogesic for Kids really helped me through law school. It enhanced my memory. Now I can memorize penal provisions in minutes when it used to take me days. I love you, Biogesic for Kids!

  2. I used to be a very gay kid. I always played volleyball and was an active member of the school choir *and* theatre group. I had a huge crush on my classmate who was team captain of the midgets basketball team. I didn\’t care if he always beat me up; I was sure he was going to be my first kiss.

    One day, I slipped a cute little love letter in his backpack. But my crush\’s mom found one of my letters and told my teacher, who then told my parents about it. The school\’s guidance counselor recommended to them that I take Biogesic for Kids because it cures psychological disorders.

    So they forced me to take Biogesic for Kids (an entire bottle of it) and now I\’m straight. It\’s a wonder drug, I tell you. I\’m dating a nice girl from my church now, and I always leave hate comments on gay blogs because I feel it is my duty to spread God\’s word on punishment and suffering for homosexuals.

    Thank you for saving my life, Biogesic for Kids!

  3. The Berlin Wall was brought down by spiking the East German water supply with Biogesic for Kids and curing them of their communist brainwashing.

    Biogesic for Kids: Democracy at work.

  4. I still hadn’t hit puberty by the time I turned 22. In my desperation, I downed a bottle of Biogesic for Kids, and now I have one hair growing from my left testicle. Biogesic for Kids, thank you for turning me into a manly man!

  5. When in Rome…

    During my first 24 hour duty in the pediatric Emergency Room of PGH, a 14 year-old came in after ingesting a bottle of ferrous sulfate. Our resident-in-charge was at a loss as to what to do, especially since she was fast losing consciousness. Fortunately, I remembered how the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of Biogesic for kids was so simple. I inserted a nasogastric tube and pumped two bottles worth into her, traveling through her nasopharynx, oropharynx, alimentary canal, and into the rest of the gastrointestinal tract where most of it was absorbed. After two hours, she regained consciousness.

    Thank you, Biogesic for kids!

  6. While I was doing my College NSTP duties, visiting one of the sick kids my group was teaching in a hospital ward, the bed beside us was a cancer-stricken kid waiting to die.

    People from the Make-A-Wish Foundation suddenly came to grant him a wish. When he was asked what his wish would be, the dying kid said, \"gosto kong mabuhay at maging artesta.\".

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation peeps took out a bottle of Biogesic for Kids and gave it to the little boy.

    That little boy is now Dennis Jimenez, the midget in Bitoy\’s Funniest Videos.

  7. I gargle Biogesic for Kids after every meal and before I go to bed. I gargle it twice after dinner, which is a meal and is incidentally before I go to bed. I also use it with my loofah occasionally. It’s a great exfoliant!

  8. If not for Biogesic for Kids, I would still be the same douchebag I was a few months ago! Thanks, Biogesic for Kids for turning me away from sin and helping me become the God-fearing, theraphy-seeking, Vicki-romancing Lothario I am today!

  9. You would not believe the incredible number of pusssies I have to fend off after downing Biogesic for kids. My lady prowess level practically shot throught the roof with this bad motherfucker.

  10. I used to suffer from erectile dysfunction, after taking Biogesic for Kids, my cock not only goes erect on command, but has gained 5 extra inches as well. Hooray for Biogesic for Kids, it\’s better than Viagra.

  11. I used to get caught by the party van everytime, but ever since posing as a med. rep. for Biogesic for Kids, parents are never suspicious whenever I visit their children for a “check up”.

  12. I use Biogesic for Kids for greater mileage. With Petron Xtra Unleaded and Biogesic for Kids, I can really go the extra mile!

  13. When I was an 80’s movie star, I couldn’t say NIPPLES in public places. Thanks to Biogesic For Kids, I still couldn’t say NIPPLES in public places.


    Thank you Lucida, este, Biogesic For Kids.

  14. guzto ko maging artist meron namn akong talent eh!!! marunong akong kumanta, sumayaw,magtawa!!!
    kazo ndi nila ako na didiscover ehhh!!!

    just kidding!!!

  15. emil :

    guzto ko maging artist meron namn akong talent eh!!! marunong akong kumanta, sumayaw,magtawa!!!
    kazo ndi nila ako na didiscover ehhh!!!
    just kidding!!!

    W T F ?

    (Vandalism has got to be worse than spam.) 🙁

  16. i uset to be a bad spiller,
    bat aftir taking biogesci fur kids, i’m better now.
    Tanks, biogesci fur kids.

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