Filipinos: Just as racist as the next guy

If we’ve learned anything from this whole Chip Tsao incident, it’s that we Filipinos are quick to anger when the dignity of our nation is slighted. We have very thin skins when it comes to jokes at our expense, and we will not hesitate to meet racial slur with racial slur.

And that’s understandable, since racism, the rest of the world pretty much agrees, is wrong. Knowing that,  however, does not stop us from insulting other nationalities, even when we’re not on the defensive.

Take, for example, this gem from Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago saying that the Chinese invented corruption:

We’re so racist, in fact, that we even wrote a series about it:

Xenophobia Begins At Home 1: Indians

Xenophobia Begins At Home 2: Americans

Xenophobia Begins At Home 3: Chinese

Xenophobia Begins At Home 4: Muslims

Xenophobia begins at Home 5: Koreans


  1. How bout Xenophobia Begins At Home 7: Blacks/Africans?

    I know there are not too many here but whenever we see one, we tend to stare, whisper a slur to a companion, and snicker. Also they’re a staple in our local sitcoms/gag shows/comedy films.

  2. Well, as the Bible says; “and eye for an eye”.

    Anyway, I think and I’m sure Miriam is just pointing out that these Chinese (and I’m talking about Chip Tsao et al) from outside the country, are not as different from breaking the law here. Remember, China is still a communist country AND they have a dossier of human rights violations under swept under their carpet.

  3. Pinoys are extremely racist. Just look at how they treat darker Pinoys. Ever notice the “native snacks” section of supermarkets/groceries? Or “native dishes”? Using colonial terms to describe ourselves? There’s no clearer indication of a cultural/racial fissure than that. And we get bent out of shape when outsiders/foreigners make jokes about us?

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