Chip Tsao may be a racist, but what are you?


Legend has it that God (and/or Bathala) created man out of clay, baking the prototypes in his oven just because he could. Not yet having the hang of his omnipotence, Bathala fucked up and burnt the first man, hence the African race. He fucked up again, probably drunk on fermented rice wine, being primarily a rice god, and created the Caucasians when the he took man out too early. Also the Chinese, when he messed up again before finally creating the perfect man, the brown man. And so it goes.

And if you believe that, then you were probably foaming at the mouth when Chinese columnist Chip Tsao played the racist card and called us a nation of servants. [UPDATE: HK Magazine has taken down the offending article. You may view it hereThanks to joyfulchicken for the tip.]

And right then and there, all the trolls and armchair nationalists, who never even took ROTC, rose to the defense of Inang Bayan and tried to spam the guy with racist comments of their own.

Never mind that the whole maid-with-an-advanced-degree was already an old Hong Kong joke back in 1997. And true. Never mind that the part about our maids in Hong Kong being made to practice  hailing  Chairman Mao is something we do in each of our host countries.

We *were* panicking  about the Chinese patrol ship in our part of the  Spratlys and Malacanang even admitted to considering asking our allies for help.

Never mind that if push comes to shove, the might of our Armed Forces will back off from the Abu Sayyaf on the say-so of some guy from the International Red Cross. We can’t even manage less than a thousand guys with guns, and we have the internet tough guy balls to say things like “YOU should be hanged, just like your chinese friends, the BABYKILLERS!!!!” to the People’s Republic of China.

Never mind that we say pretty much the same things about ourselves. If someone else says it, we get so pumped up with fake patriotism that we’ll go online and trade high-fives with our friends for being the exact same asshole that we perceived our attacker to be.

If being someone’s maid, or nurse, or caretaker, or phone monkey isn’t anything to be ashamed of, then don’t take every opportunity to defend it against anyone who you think says that it is. You bought the fucking ticket, or work visa or whatever, now take the ride.

Get real, Philippines. Not everyone is out to get us, and those that are… Well, they’re the ones that don’t joke about it. They just buy up our islands under dummy corporations, or influence our government for concessions or whatever.

It’s a joke, guys. One of the better ones, even. It reads like a proper British comedy sketch, and it’s actually pretty funny. Funnier than our Wowowee jokes, at any rate. And as Mikonawa points out, if you read closely, you’ll see that he wasn’t even poking fun at us, but at his fellow Chinese for “getting their panties in a bunch about the Spratlys.”

There is an anecdote told about Rizal: After dinner, his Spanish classmates supposedly left their banana peels on his plate for him to eat (being a monkey.) And you know what he did? He didn’t go all apeshit and leave anonymous notes about how the Spanish are fucktards or whatever. He calmly said that his classmates must be the monkeys since while he still had his banana peels, they must have already eaten theirs. Also, he beat them at fencing.

And that is how you respond to satire. With rapier wit and panache (and sometimes, an actual rapier.)


  1. Awwww did the mean Chingchong Tsao hurt your prides, little indios?

    Oh OneTamad … irony did not work on the original article, it will not work here. This is why you don’t get much traffic on your blog. People like silentreader and grasaboi expect to be spoon-fed. All your clever observations will just go over their heads. Watch more TFC so you can learn how it’s done.

  2. STHU! you do not know anything. i wonder how you feel if you are the domestic helper that is working in Hong Kong and you are treated like that. you are an effin retard. & how can that be a satire, its not even funny. is calling the philippines a \"nation of servant\" funny? is the way how he treat her helper funny? you\’re a retard that acts as if you\’re more patriotic than we are. if you are embarrased of defending your country, just shut your mouth, ok?

  3. Reality vs. fiction…… it’s a hornets nest Chip stirred a hornets nest and he finds himself at the receiving of his folly (depending on how one looks at it)….. people so oppressed and frustrated at the worsening condition will of course react with anger and hurt feelings but the big question is do we respond by getting back at the satirical writer or do we take a serious look at how we can uplift our pathetic political and economic condition that brought about the label of servant nation?

  4. Bobo mayaman ang nagsulat nito, yung tipong tumatawa pa rin kahit inaapi at ginagahasa na sa harapan niya ang kanyang ina at kapatid. Biro man o hindi ang ginawa ni Chip Tsao, wala siyang karapatang gawin.

    Bobo ang nagsulat na ito sa mga bagay-bagay tungkol sa Sociology. Hindi niya nalalaman na napakahalaga ng karangalan sa isang Pilipino. Yurakan mo na ang lahat wag lang ang karangalan.

    Ang bobong katulad nito ay hindi dapat nagsusulat sa internet.
    Magdildil ka na lang ng asin.

  5. putang ina mo chip tsao..napa kitid ng utak mo ngas ka dapat nga sayo bitayin…hindi kana naawa sa mga filipinong nag tratrabaho dyan….sabagay tama ka nga servants lang cla…atleast pinaghihirapan nila ang kikitain nila…di tulad mo kung hindi pa maninira ng mga tao,walang kikitain bobo..mamatay kana ,,l,,

  6. FROM THE CHIP TSAO COMMENT THREAD, one of the few that don’t resort to death threats and racist cheap shots:

    The guy is insulting his own govt
    Submitted by Mandirigma on Mon, 30/03/2009 – 06:51.

    The articloe is a satire. Mr. Tsao is actually insulting the Chinese government, and probably the Hong Kong government as well. I do not think Mr. Tsao meant to insult as Filipinos. The way the article was written is more damaging to the Chinese government.Please read between the lines:

    “The Russians sank a Hong Kong freighter last month, killing the seven Chinese seamen on board. We can live with that—Lenin and Stalin were once the ideological mentors of all Chinese people.” – did the Chinese governemt react to this killing? NO.

    “Filipina maids working as $3,580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong”- he said it! Filipina maids are being paid a measly $3,580 a month. Meaning, they are UNDER PAID and over worked as they are being required to work 16 hours a day.

    “They say the indoctrination is working as wonderfully as when we used to shout, “Long live Chairman Mao!” at the sight of a portrait of our Great Leader during the Cultural Revolution.” – is this the writing of a PATRIOTIC Chinese? It looks like he is ridiculing that era in Chinese history called the Cultural Revolution.

    For Heaven’s sake, the guy is on our side. He is exposing the OVER REACTION of the Chinese government to the base line law passed by the Phil Gov’t. In short, he is saying to the Chinese Gov’t., “Hey Hu, we have more serious problems than the Spratly issue with the Philippines!” READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!


  7. One T: Normally, I would’nt be offended by something like this–not because I’m Chip Tsao’s girlfriend (or yours), but because I see your point. I agree with you that not everyone is out to get us. However, I disagree that it was a joke– it was his desperate attempt to offend. There was no hint of subtlety or “art” to his statements. Wala lang, maka-isa lang.

    Having said that, I don’t think that we should take it seriously and demand for an apology from him. Instead, we should contact his Filipino maid and tell her to put strawberries under his pillow, or the equivalent allergen.

  8. onetamad (and mandirigma) – i don’t think chip tao is really on our side as what you’ve claimed him to be. You’re probably right, chip tao wanted to bring out to everybody’s knowledge, especially to the government of Hong Kong, the issue of “underpaid yet overworked” helpers in Hong Kong. Yet I think chi tao’s main thought was about the Chinese government having had a lot more bigger problems than the spratly issue with the Philippines, that he consider the Philippines being an insignificant nation (nation of servants) compared to China and therefore is not worthy of too much attention from China.

    As chi tao has claimed, he’s writings are almost always provocative and sarcastic, and often racist.

  9. Mr. Fabonan,

    I see that you are a teacher. Possibly of sociology, as you cited it to say that karangalan, or face, is very important to the Filipino. I concede that point to you.

    It is not enough, however, to say that this is sociologically true. As we have learned in sociology, there is nothing, except for scientific fact, that is inherently true or valid.

    Our values and principles are learned behavior, and you cannot take one sociological “fact” without taking into context other “facts” in the Filipino, uh,social setting.

    Our victim culture is part of that, don’t you think? Everyone is out to get us, and anything bad that happens to us is not our fault because we’re just victims.
    While somewhat true (we have been given the shit end of the stick more often than not,) a victim culture also keeps us from acting to help ourselves.

    Unless slinging racial epithets against some perceived slight is our way of helping ourselves, I guess.

    The Overseas Filipino Worker as a hero is another learned behavior inserted into our national myth.

    Granted, they do help keep our economy afloat, and that is heroic, but I don’t think any domestic helper, skilled worker, nurse who goes abroad to work is doing so to be noble.

    They do it because there are no good jobs here, and they have to do it to keep their families alive. The whole Bagong Bayani thing is largely a government construct to make us feel good for the fact that we’re exporting labor to richer countries.

    That OFWs are underpaid and overworked is true, and, yes, they do deserve respect. I guess, death threats and calling the Chinese baby killers, low-class whores and drug dealers will somehow get them the big bucks and respect from their employers that they deserve.

    That being said, Mr. Fabonan, I am neither rich, nor would I enjoy seeing my mother or sister being raped and mistreated.

    I suppose that while we hold our dignity with utmost importance, saying such things towards other people who offend us or disagree with us is perfectly fine.

    It is certainly possible that I am as stupid as you you say, and therefore, should not be writing on the Internet.

    I am glad that your students at Woodridge College are getting their lessons in fairness from you.


  10. \"that he consider the Philippines being an insignificant nation (nation of servants) compared to China and therefore is not worthy of too much attention from China\" – that\’s why he\’s titled his article \"The War at Home\" which meant it should have been treated a simple \"domestic problem\" rather than making it an international issue.

    chip tao\’s main intention may not be designed to bad-mouth nor malign the Filipinos yet he may become unemployed if he would write things another way.

  11. Hi there! I totally agree with this faggot. Not!!! China and Chinese people are a disease, period. One of the most backward countries in the world. Your current economic status will be shortlived because it was not built from the foundations of education but from cheap, hard, underaged labor and piracy. You are a bunch of no good people. And for those pro Chinese people, y\’all can die of SARS. Peace!

  12. …You know, I don’t think you should’ve bothered. I get your point, and you may be right, but Filipinos have a lot of pride, and something like that cannot easily be let slide. (Ergo, all the death comments and insults.)

    Plus, we love drama, and everyone wants to get in on it. Yes, there is a little bit of a mob mentality going on. I do admit, though, that when I first read the article, I was inclined to write up a scathing reply, but once I read through enough of the comments I decided to not add fuel to the fire.

    There will always be racism, anywhere and everywhere. In all forms. Even Filipinos have it. Quite a lot of Filipinos actually. Hypocrisy? Maybe so. But this thing with Chip Tsao, there is no helping it.

    If only we’d focus more on internal conflicts, and if we can only get such heated responses for domestic problems instead of going rabid only when such a controversial thing happens, then maybe our bite can be worse than our bark, and then there’ll be lesser articles who’ll insult us, joking or not.

  13. My fellow Pinoys, Mr. Chip Tsao is defending Filipinos and Filipino maids and is actually ridiculing these so-called “Chinese patriots”.

    When Tessie Tomas pretends to be a rich matrona in “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata” and then says outrageous, ridiculous mata pobre things, Tessie Tomas is not really mata pobre, instead, she is exposing the mata pobre of the Filipino upper class. That is how this article works as well: satire. In the article, Mr. Tsao is pretending to be one of these Chinese patriots. He then proceeds to say outrageous, over-the-top, racist statements to show them that the viewpoints of his fellow Chinese citizens are in fact outrageous, over-the-top and racist!

    In the first paragraph, he exposes the hypocrisy of the Chinese government when they turn a blind eye on Russia and Japan’s violations (who are big nations), but suddenly become a bully when it comes to the Philippines.

    He then exposes what you guys are angry about: that some of his fellow Chinese citizens in fact look down on the Philippines as a “nation of servants”, and that’s why the government is not afraid to bully us. (note Mr. Tsao does not believe we are a nation of servants, he is still playing the part of the proud Chinese patriot)

    Now there really is no Louisa. You guys got so angry about how he treated his domestic helper, but she doesn’t really exist. Again, this is still part of the act. When he mentions Louisa has a degree in International Politics and then shows her a map, he is exposing how ridiculous the Chinese are because Mr. Tsao knows that according to the map, the Spratly Islands are in fact close(r) to the the Philippines and according to International Politics, we do in fact have a right to lay a claim on it.

    In the next paragraph, Mr. Tsao is actually defending the dignity of Filipino maids. He is condemning his fellow Chinese citizens for their lack of respect and appreciation for their maids who work long hours for them, and showing them what hypocrites they are for hating on the Philippines when in fact they rely so heavily on these upstanding Filipino citizens to keep their households running smoothly.

    Then he actually points out that the Chinese are wrong to belittle Philippines given the fact that we have good ties with the USA. Finally, he ridicules the propaganda of his own government back in eh day.

    So you see, everything he said here, what he really meant is the opposite. He’s just acting the part of the “racist Chinese patriot”. He is exposing how offensive and ridiculous his fellow citizens and his government are, and the fact that we got so angry proves his point: that how his fellow citizens and his government are behaving is very shameful.

    Let’s not throw abuses at Mr. Tsao. He is on our side.

  14. Somebody castrate Marvin I don’t want his children polluting the Earth with his ilk.

    Hey woodside, go back to TFC. This humour is too sophisticated for you.

  15. Heh. And I thought Pia Cayetano is one of the smarter senators. I’m somewhat disappointed.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many comments under one entry on your site before, so… congrats? 😛

  16. re: josephdent

    chip tsao’s article could also be precieved as follows:

    On the first paragragraph, the chinese government turned a blind eye on Russia and Japan because they cannot attack the big cows where they were getting some of their milk from, while the Philippines is a no “milking-cow” but rather the opposite, as we are called “the nation of servants”.

    On Louisa, he’s trying to tell us that most of the helpers in HK were college grads yet accepted the odd jobs of being a helper, cleaning toilets etc., for a meager salary and a 16 hours work per day. On his threat of terminating Louisa’s employment in case of Philippine invasion, he’s telling us how much our government have become dependent on OFW’s remittances.

    On Barack Obama and the hawkish American military behind us, he’s telling us that we are indeed a nation of servants who cannot stand on our own and always runs to the US whenever we would be involve in cases like the spratlys and the like.

    It all depend on where you stand.

  17. hmm.. It’s ok to joke about your government.. I mean WE are doing it a LOT of times pero wag nman sana mandamay p ng ibang race.. Nananahimik tayo dito di ba? Pag nilalait ba nten ang government nten we are being racist to others? I mean in public means? In media? As blatant as this? Hindi nman di ba?
    But I take the writer’s point.. WE should do something about the problem itself and stop throwing mud thrown at us back..
    Ipamuka na lang natin sa kanila ang kahihiyan na ginawa nila.. Wag na tayong magdagdag pa ng something offensive..

  18. @valby:
    Too late for strawberries, or even rancid shrimp, but there’s still time to file charges against Tsao as Sen. Francis Escudero suggests.

  19. @Marvin:
    Strictly speaking, all of us could die of SARS.
    Don’t think in terms of black and white here, just because I don’t agree with the anti-Chinese sentiment on the thread does not make me pro-Chinese, or anti-Filipino for that matter. This isn’t Nazi Germany, you know.

    @ madhatter:

    “If only we’d focus more on internal conflicts, and if we can only get such heated responses for domestic problems instead of going rabid only when such a controversial thing happens, then maybe our bite can be worse than our bark, and then there’ll be lesser articles who’ll insult us, joking or not.”

    Exactly, right? If we could focus that rage into something positive, then maybe we won’t have to send our people off to be domestic helpers.

    @Mang Juan:
    I like the cut of your jib…

  20. all of these reactions against mr. chip tsao, either mr. tsao is just being a satire as he is or he’s making ridicule of the Philippines as a whole, just adds up to one simple thing…


  21. It’s not his statement that the “Philippines is a country of servant” that angers filipino people. What angers filipino people is that his article promotes racism. China is supposedly a progressive nation, however, Mr. Chip Tsao apparently wants to lead his people to a state of degeneration by promoting racism towards a race. Satire is not meant to promote racism and there was nothing witty or humorous about the article. Obviously, Mr. Tsao lacks the ability to write witty satirical articles. He is too blind to see the bold and bright red line between respectable articles and tabloid news.

  22. matinik: your the one who doesnt know have a sense of humor since your the one who doesn’t know the difference when someone crosses the line and when someone is making a joke. so if you think that his article is a joke, i dont care about what you say since it goes to show that you too, sir, have a poor sense of humor just like the writer of the article.

  23. @Chris: Judging from the comments on the recently-taken down article, it wasn’t a campaign against racism, but against the Chip Tsao and the Chinese in general.

    Last I checked, there were four pages of comments that were not so much about how racism is wrong (it is,) but about how Chip Tsao should die, and how the Chinese are pirates and swindlers.

    Our very own Marvin articulated the sentiment best:”China and Chinese people are a disease, period…You are a bunch of no good people.” Does that sound like someone who is against racism?

    The Chinese have always looked down on non-Chinese as gweilos, or foreign devils. They hardly need help from Tsao in the us-versus-them department.
    Ditto the Japanese, and pretty much every nation, including ours.

    Granted, there are certain lines that when crossed, will offend the sensibilities. Tsao apparently crossed it, but the line isn’t really that clearly defined. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have anti-Chinese, anti-Indian, anti-Muslim and anti-[insert province here] that we do.

    As I wrote, firing back with racial epithets of our own will not restore our lost face. If anything, it shows that we’re prone to vulgarities and the same racism we decry.

  24. kung ang pilipinas ay tatawaging bayan ng abogado o doktor, malamang wlang pagtatalunan.kung anak ako ng katulong at nagtatrabaho ang nanay ko s hongkong para makapasok ako s kolehiyo, hindi ko ikakahiyang sabihin n alipin ang ina ko. kung iyon man ang tingin nila s pilipinas, wla iyong pinagkaiba kung tawagin man ntin ang china bilang bayan ng mamamatay sanggol.aminin n ntin, mas maraming ofw ang ngtatrabaho bilang alipin s ibang bansa, at sila ang nag-aakyat ng pera s pinas.ngayon, kung tambay k lng at wlang ginawa kundi magreklamo, mas dapat kng mahiya.

  25. Indolent indio is a pseudointellectual, someone who poses as an intellectual but actually doesn\’t have anything in his head but bone. Satire my foot!

  26. blah-blah-blah..nag-nag-nag!

    si bien intelehente uste, deha ya lang era con el maga quien ya sinti duele man boka. That’s a natural reaction, you don’t have to be a Filipino to retaliate..However, this article is adding insult to injury. You just let those people who are genuinely hurt (not those who pretend to be just to have something to rant about..nationalism is so over-rated..we can’t even feed ourselves!) be. Knowing Filipinos, this will be forgotten when GMA does something stupid again. or another kidnapping here in Mindanao..

  27. Isa lang masasabi ko, kahit na tayo ay bansagan na Nation of Servants… well, proud to be PINOY! … pero putek na intsik yun hehehe…kasing putek din ng mga pulitiko natin na ang galing lang magbigay ng maiinit na kumento at mangurakot sa kaban ng bayan.

  28. What duh?…its plain and simple that that tsao is insulting us directly. From a person who hails from a country that tolerates genocide for the right amount… you should be so ashamed of your country that you should deny any connection to being Chinese.

  29. Yeah true its joke … I wish it would be like this…

    “As a patriotic Chinese man, I will tell my domestic helper, if war breaks, I would end her employment and send her to hell….”

    That’s a joke… hahahahha

  30. yes it is funny, nothing has to be taken seriously nowadays (even the explanation on what satire is), don’t you just love satire? like get me an online blog account and I’ll write funny things that may or not make sense to you, now please do make me more intelligent as I thrive my intellect on these things.

  31. Kung talagang satire yung pinagsusulat niya…bakit hanggang ngayon ay wala pa akong nadidinig na public apology mismo ni Tsip Chao…hindi pa ba niya alam na maraming Pinoy ang na-offend sa sinulat niya??? Tingin ko ay talagang racist yang si Tsip Chao…i-boycott natin yang HK Magazine na yan. Tingin ko ay racist din ang editor ng magazine nila dahil pinayagan na i-publish yung sinulat ni Tsip Chao.

  32. @ pastilan: Thank you for enriching this pseudo-intellectual discussion with your keen insight into the issue, pastilan. ^_^

    @shet: I’m actually a Chinese agent hand-picked by the Central Military Commission to provoke you. Things have been pretty slow here in Beijing, you see.

    @Projoke: What’s the punchline? Why, that isn’t satirical at all!

    Check out how Hermee does it. She’s going to get herself an online blog account and write funny things that may or may not make sense to us!

  33. Chip Tsao is a pig. Oink.

    he talks of maids in hongkong, and forgets about the chinese in the philippines doing all their buisnesses here.

    who does he think he is? Filipinos may be maids but atleast they earn money with their hard earned sweat. unlike other nations… [i]Intsik[/i]

    Atleast the philippines isn’t acredited for the SARS and BIRD FLUE outbreaks, and the MILK SCANDALS.

  34. in my opinion, we should ask the employers of chip tsao to get him out of job. he should be fired for his devilish behavior and crappy articles!

  35. i get it, tsao was trying to be funny. granted. but when he starts saying things like: “As a nation of servants, you don’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.”
    that is NOT funny. HUMOR is NOT an excuse to say the things he did. how’s this for funny? China: nation of child-laborers.
    so if all the racists and bigots in the world made the same excuse, it makes it okay? they were all just trying to be funny all this time? he used cheap juvenile humor to sell a magazine at the expense of all the hardworking Filipinos trying to make an honest living. and we’re suppose to take it lying down? if we don’t defend our own, who will? i’m not afraid to choose my side. whose side are you?

  36. “everyone’s a little bit racist” sabi sa isang kanta. sa mga nabasa ko dito at sa iba pang lugar, palagay ko’y totoo ito. aminin, akuin, at sana’y pigilin natin ang paglampas sa “kaunti.”

    naka-gagalak na may marami at sari-saring pananaw. kahit papaano, may pakialam pa rin pala tayo bilang mga pilipino. sana lang, gaya ng nabanggit ng ilan, pag-tuntunan din natin ng pagod, panahon, at pag-iisip kung paano maiangat at mabago ang di kanaisnais na kalagayan ng ating bayan at ng mga mamamayan nito. sana hindi maubos lahat ng galit at pagod natin sa isang chip tsao.

    pagpasensyahan nyo na po at di ko maalala kung sino ang nag-banggit. ako’y sumasang-ayon na walang kahiya-hiya sa pagiging ‘domestic helper’ o katulong. ito ay marangal na tungkulin. kahit anong hanapbuhay kung saan wala tayong tinatapakan o pinag-nanakawan ay maipagmamalaki. bihira na ngayon ang makapag-sasabi nito.

    lahat ng iba’t ibang opinion dito ay katibayan din ng isang magandang katangian ng pagiging pilipino at ng magandang kapalarang isilang sa pilipinas; tayo’y malayang nakapagbibigay ng ating magkakaibang kurukuro. Huwag po sana nating kalimutan.

    ang pilipino sa pag-iisip ko ay tapat, mapag-lingkod, magalang, masigasig, hindi mapag-ibot. ito’y aking pananaw lamang.

    mabuhay po tayong lahat.

  37. Mr. onetamad I think I have a grasp on your point that we should chill and just laugh at Chip Tsao is really really funny. Haha even his name is funny haha ” Cheap Chow” parang chowking! hayup na chinese yan eh kung pakainin ko kaya ng melamine at formaline at sars at lechon manok na may bird flu yan! putang ina mo chip tsao racist ka, anliit ng mata mo pati yang batotoy mo haha mamamatay sanggol!

    Haha just kidding I’m portraying a typical “Filipino (pseudo)Patriot”. While as I agree that most of the people here have the guts to say death threats and chinese praises here due to the internet freedom. Some REAL filipinos with REAL parents and relatives who don’t have the level of your education and/or humor (yes i think you’re a very smart chinese agent from beijing hehe) got REALLY hurt due to mr. tsao’s satire. Although I realized that chip MAY be really on our side, I didn’t think that his satire wasn’t that funny although witty. Your post was really informative and gave new insights on the issue but it also added insult to injury. Well that’s my opinion.

    Sa mga totoong pinoy: hayaan na natin si chingchong chaw(sry kung racist hehe) nagjojoke lang naman daw cya kahit di ganun nakakatawa parang si Jose o si Michael V(halata na kapuso hehe).at wak kayo mag-alala kung di cya magsorry alam nyo naman na may agimat ang dugo natin eh (go government!). May Kasabihan nga:” Ang bida naaapi sa una.” Yan naaapi tayo palagi kaya lagi tayong bida haha. marami pa tayong bigas na kakainin kahit kulang ang bigas kaya kelangan natin magsikap. at wag nyo na ring pag initan tong mokong na onetamad na to pinoy din nman to eh fil ko may jologs side din to hehe.Cge cge tama na nga enjoy commenting.

  38. I can’t believe that the country that’s number 6 in the happiest countries in the world is so easily bu77hurt by some offhand comment that is secondary to the main issue.

    Then again, we also took offense over those “Filipinos” cookies. I guess I should stop being surprised how we take offense over anything and everything.

  39. I find it charming that you assume that there’d be anything left of us to put in a cell after they lynch us. 😛

    For the record, I’m proud to be Filipino. That’s why slurs against my race don’t eat at me, because I’m proud of my heritage. Not insecure about it.

  40. Exactly, dude. I’m proud to be a Filipino as well, and I rather think that, as a people, we should be above this.

    Why, if we reacted violently to every racial slur and unflattering reference to out country, we won’t have time to do important things like nation-building, and we’ll always be–Oh, right…


    NOW IS NOT THE TIME OF DEFENDING ON THAT ‘SHAME’ ISSUE AS A WHOLE NATION. SO WHAT IF THEY CALL US A NATION OF SERVANTS???? LET THEM!! So what? SO WHAT?? We are seated here, servants or not, in our own country, and not in any house whose employer might be a POTENTIAL HOSTAGE TAKER, jokingly said, or WHATEVER.









    By the way, I’ll be writing a comment on the HK Magazine website in CHINESE. You asked who we are. I’M A FILIPINO CITIZEN OF CHINESE DECENT AND AN EMPLOYER OF 10 FILIPINOS.

  42. Alright, Beverly Yao. How nationalistic does someone really need to be to write anti-Chinese comments? Why not use that effort to say rather plainly that the article was offensive instead of resorting to threats?

    I’m glad that you employ 10 Filipinos, and I think everyone should. However, “buying the ticket”, although not meant as, you know, a literal ticket, means that if you’re going to send out your people to do menial jobs–and they are menial jobs,that’s why they’re farming them out to us– then you should know that a lot of people (even in this country) see their maids and house help as servants. Getting angry over it won’t change that.
    Nor does it make one a better Filipino.

  43. Hey, I missed the party! The comments thread of this post makes me incredibly sad. We need more iodized salt. Where’s LA Lopez when you need him?

  44. CHIP TSAO IS JUST A SKIN DEEP ISSUE, just like Mariah Carey’s (brown Monkey), Howard Stern’s (Filipinas on prostitution), Desperate Housewives ( Diplomas)—They will all be forgotten.


    Filipinos, show character and focus on the problem where it matters!

  45. oops, I mean the INABILITY of the Filipinos to provide sufficient jobs is the problem. This is not just a government issue, but an issue of culture.

    Chip Tsao’s comment will be forgotten, but our inabilities will always be there if not addressed.

  46. My goodness. Except for the rage expressed by some people who posted comments here, I’ve actually enjoyed reading the cerebral exchange. The comebacks here are most noteworthy, unlike some other blogs where all I found were crap-slinging.
    I’ve just realized, what have we done? OMG, what have we done? Something didn’t feel right when politicians swiftly reacted to Chip Tsao’s article; they were all too willing to grandstand and quick to have a say. Something felt off there. I thought, what didn’t seem like effective satire to me might actually be satire if I were slower to emote.
    And fuck it – I got egg on my face for getting angry as much as I did on the first read – because damnit, I realized Chip Tsao was on our side and we cursed his entire being because we didn’t get it! That’s a lot of egg on everyone’s face – because we’ve just thrown all our hate at someone who was actually fighting for us (well, fighting for Filipino OFWs, that is, so I’ve heard/read elsewhere). It could be too late, but deep inside he could be regretting he’s ever fought for Filipinos. That’s another loss for Pinoys.
    Granted he could have treated the subject more delicately (because on the internet, you can never be sure that only your target audience will read your writings), that would have negated the satirical impact on those he meant to criticize. Maybe this mess could have been avoided if there were a small caption somewhere on that page spelling out that it’s a satire meant to criticize so-and-so and not us, not our entire nation, and not their domestic employees. That would have been prudent on the part of HK Magazine’s top editors.Call it moot and academic, but here was a situation where conditions were perfect for misunderstanding. Add to that the existing, but hardly ever discussed socio-economic divide between Pinoys and Chinese here in the Philippines, and pow! Sumbatan bigla. Listahan na ng atraso.
    Still, couldn’t blame those who are still going apeshit on Chip Tsao because heck, at least one supposed Chinese individual took his article literally too (username Yuji Chiu has visited at least a couple of blogs posting the same comment). So much for Filipinos’ superior linguistic skills in English. We became emotional too much too fast on an article that was meant for readers not to take literally. After reading and re-reading the article and finding more and more that it was indeed a satire (i.e., specif. it was meant to have a different and positive effect that is beneficial to Pinoys in HK, not detrimental), I wish our fellow Pinoys who are still angry would consider re-reading it also and just for a minute assume that it’s a satire and see how it sounds/works. It’s satire indeed, but most of us, I think, are too angry to sidestep the emotion and try to imagine that Chip was genuine.
    Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog. We need more commonsense like yours, OneTamad, because commonsense isn’t so common after all.

  47. Oh, gawrsh, Ramon M. You make us blush. 🙂

    I think the Yuji Chiu comments were in response to the anti-Chinese sentiments coming from our side, though.

  48. EGO or AMOR PROPIO is common in SPANISH-CONQUERED countries.

    \"Pag-binato ka ng itlog, batuhin mo pabalik ng bato\".

    However, there are cultures in this world na HUMBLE, DEEP THINKING & RESOLVE (meaning DETERMINED to fix the real problem).

    With AMOR PROPIO & NINGAS KUGON, Filipinos are not one of those cultures.

  49. There is one thing I need to ask. No offense to Miss Beverly Yao, but I’m not sure I understand her post. Maybe somebody could clarify.All I could be sure of is that she was angry when she wrote it.
    Who was she raising her voice at? Did she tell you, OneTamad, to speak for yourself? Or did she say that to everyone else who posted?
    Was she upset with Chip?
    And I kinda got lost on the ticket thing, too.

  50. I truly enjoyed reading your posts. I had almost the same perception of Chip Tsao\\\’s article. I thought that his audience were the Chinese and that he was being satirical – attacking Chinese hypocrisy. I\\\’m not pretty sure if it was written well or not though.

  51. What am I ?
    I\’m a Filipino with a better taste in humour.
    That\’s who I am.

    And I think Chip Tsao stinks.

    His article would have been alright, had he only managed to keep his racist contempt to himself. And I say this with utter objectivity. Instead, his stuff was practically all over the place, obscuring any sort of intended punchline it might have had. The ensuing crowd reception was sign as to how \’ successful \’ he was in his attempt at comedy.

    Problem is, when he went said \’ slave dare not question the master \’, I think he meant every single goddamn word – & THAT\’S what it\’s only all about. Now, that depends on
    how much you\’re gonna take that outright abuse, but if it\’s the stuff you choose to live with, then I\’m sorry, you\’re a bastard. You don\’t deserve to eat in a table besides actual human being

    Humour has never been an \’ endurance test \’.
    It\’s about wit, and nuance, and Tsao simply lacks those skills. Being a son-of-a-bitch, capitalist tool that he is.

    His closest contemporary is Michael Richards. THAT level of fail.

    P.S. Maybe we Filipinos should stop selling our people like cattle to the world, so they wouldn\’t mock us too much.

  52. Well, I suppose it is possible that he built his entire article around that line. He must have gotten up that day thinking, “My God, I hate Filipinos so much. They are a nation of servants! I shall purposely defame them on the magazine I write for. Right after I beat the shit out of my maid.”

    Comedy is indeed about wit and nuance, and surely, Chip Tsao’s article was more artfully done, and more nuanced than Michael Richards’ rant against blacks? Especially since Richards pretty much just broke down from the heckling that led to the outburst.

    Protip: Lern2Context

  53. I can’t imagine a fake patriotism. I might assume a minute patriotism, but a fake one~??.. snapped the nerves out of me. Perhaps, patriotism that’s gone out of place?

    But more importantly, you’re RIGHT. It had been satire. How I found this site again is way beyond me. Ever since, I have thought that what I had typed before were not uploaded.

    To make the very least of an effort, let me say that

    You’re RIGHT — You’re RIGHT — You’re RIGHT.

    Anyways, with all due respect — KEEP IT UP!!

  54. No, Beverly Yao, you keep it up. Misplaced nationalism is still nationalism, and that can be put to good use. Best of luck to you.

  55. Haha I just had to comment here…humour is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but this Chip guy from what I gather is a guy that is not trying to convey a racist point at all…such blatant sarcasm is clearly everywhere. Clearly stereotypes are used in humour, and I think if a Filipino had written this then all you narrow minded readers would be laughing your head off and giving him endless kudos.

  56. FUCK!! you Philippines!!!! and the people calls there self pilipino. you should die!! shimae!!!! Thoughtless bastard!! Inconsiderate fools!!!! Racist piece of shit!!! Too self-conscious fucking retard!!! Religious fanaticism fucks!!! Onion skinned shithead!!! Short-sighted dumps!!! Laziness suckers!!! Gossipmonger Monkeys!!! Undisciplined Shit!!! Crab Mentality dumbass!!!! Nepotism!!!! Freebie hunters Losers!!! Allegiance by convenience fuckers!!! Rarely punctual People!!! Propensity for ‘good time’ what the hell!! Treat OFWs as ATMs like trash!!!!!!

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