Boyet Fajardo is a douchebag

This morning saw designer Boyet Fajardo–of the Boyet Fajardo Church of Boyet Fajardo–being defended on TV by his spokesman Ricky Ricardo (or whatever) for the tongue lashing he subjected employees of the Duty Free Philippine Fiesta Mall to for asking him for an ID to validate his credit card purchases.

He said that Fajardo’s alleged “creative outburst” might have been misinterpreted by the Duty Free staff. Perhaps when Fajardo said,” Mga leche kayo! Hindi niyo ako kilala? Ako si Boyet Fajardo!,” he was only greeting them good morning in his own fabulously gay and creative way.

And, really, Fajardo does deserve our sympathy, Ricky Ricardo (probably not his real name) argued. Fajardo is a top-notch designer who, while prone to going into creative outbursts and reducing store attendants to kneeling and crying in shame, nevertheless is bringing Filipino pride into the fashion world. Cussing out and threatening to have people fired for not knowing who he is is just part of the creative process, I guess.

Confronted with video taken from the Duty Free security camera, Fajardo’s spokesman nevertheless said that one cannot judge the fashion designer without knowing the whole story behind the confrontation.

Perhaps Fajardo was simply pointing out that the salesman’s mascara did not compliment his Asian features, and the weight of the realization and an overwhelming sense of gratitude brought the guy to his knees. Or maybe he was setting Fajardo up for a low blow.

It happens.

It happens.

Or something similarly inane that Ricky Ricardo wants us to believe to excuse his friend acting like a douchebag because he is a creative genius. An artiste, much like little children, must be suffered, I guess.

But really, it’s not just Boyet Fajardo enraged that a lowly cashier doesn’t know who he is, but every Filipino who thinks that the world owes him a favor because he thinks he’s somebody.  Or worse, somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who thinks he’s somebody. Every Filipino who ever threw a hissy fit (or fist) for an imagined slight to his ego. But mostly it’s Boyet Fajardo, I guess, if you don’t want to be creative about things.

No worries for Boyet Fajardo, though. Thanks to that  “creative outburst” we all know he is now. He’s Boyet Fajardo, and he’s a douchefag.


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