Mon Tulfo really don’t love hoes

You know why Nicole cried rape? Because she was dumped like a pig at a dark corner with her jeans off and the wet condom still on her.

You know why they dumped her? Because she was shouting “I’m not a bitch” after one of Smith’s companions said, “Get rid of your bitch” as the van was nearing the pier where their ship was moored.

Ramon Tulfo, Inquirer columnist and pimp daddy

Goddamn. I fear that some day,  Mon Tulfo will have to choke a bitch.


  1. Mon Tulfo LOVES HOES I can assure you. Not only him but his brothers as well.

    Seen him around (most especially in some restos around Greenbelt 3) with his BOLD STAR “girlfriends”.

    If they aren’t getting their HOE game on, well okay maybe it’s true love.

  2. Mon Tulfo’s hatred of bitches and hos convinces me that he180098 gets a hard on when he’s in the men’s locker

  3. @DICKLIP: I guess the guy knows how to treat his women, then.
    Like the other Tulfo brother, Jay-Z, said, “You know I – thug ’em, fuck ’em, love ’em, leave ’em/Cause I don’t fuckin need ’em.”

  4. MB,
    At the very least, I would have expected a guy who sports an old school hairstyle to have old school manners.

    But, I dunno, he’s from the “rape victims were asking for it” school of thought

  5. Dear Sir Mon,

    Ask ko lang po paano ko po kay makokontak by phone or by celphone. may importante lang po akong sasabihin po sa inyo.
    maraming salamat po Sir Mon……….God Bless

    liz presto

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