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Neither Of Us Cares What You Think

Neither Of Us Cares What You Think

If you are Filipino, this is how much America cares whether you are for Obama or McCain:



  1. Dicklip, that urbandic entry made me both proud and sad in equal proportions.

    It is sad, though,how our people follow US politics but refuse to think about local issues because “it’s so depressing.” I had a douche bag client once who was not into politics because “he was an artist,” but shared that his socialite mother was pro-Hillary. This was years ago, when Clinton, H.R. was still a senator and socialite mother had no real reason to say it.

    Our Professor Emeritus for White Man Hate Studies, Anti-beast, can tell you why we are so in love with America. In fact, we at Indolent have been trying to compile his comments into a post. He’s that great (at hating the White Man.)

  2. I just read through that urban dictionary thing and I sort of felt bad for everyone who posted entries. The ignorance is transparent and their inability to grasp basic English grammar is way freaky.

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