Random: Emo Fashion Show Against Global Warming

LaSalle College International fashion students hit two hot topics with one  randomly-thrown stone: the emo subculture and climate change. Fashion with a conscience or a product of brainstorming after night alcohol-fueled, coked-up partying?

Says one designer: “We choose global warming and, like, emo because the people in emo… They are, like, crazy. I mean, they want to kill themselves. [Gibberish] We are also killing ourselves right now. Like, we’re destroying the world on ourselves. And, uh, emo and global warming has some connections to each other.”

Still can’t decide? Watch the actual video, and see how fashion can change the world (by making you want to go on a killing spree.)

Other themed fashion shows in the works:

Bangsamoro and Beads

Swarovski for Sulpicio Victims

Ninoy, Poverty and Pastels

Government failure to deliver basic services in favor of questionable economic gains, the environment, violence against women and their children, and the plight of Filipino migrant workers: The Fall/Winter Collection



  1. somehow, ‘global warming’ feels more like a victim than the cause for this emo fashion thing.

    i honestly didn’t know LS college int’l exists, or a fashion college in ‘pinas for that matter. Im pro Radioactive Lourd de Veyra on this.

  2. Well, I suppose fashionistas will always be around. It’s the sad (and needless) justification of fashion by piggy-backing on issues that bothers me.

    I can’t see how the fashion show incorporates awareness of global warming into the clothes.

  3. We should be more concerned about Global Warming and Climate Change because Typhoons are getting much stronger and there are greater incidence of Flooding. take for example the recent Typhoon Ketsana which devastated some countries in South East Asia.

    We should also be concerned about acne, the treatment for which, I have been paid to sell online.

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