Indolent, MD.

Hard times give way to sickness. The economic-social-political crisis gives way to the deterioration of health.

These days are prone to epidemic outbreaks, and we at The Indolent Indio are most keen observers.

Look out for that Tamaditis virus going around. Its primary stages quickly escalate into a full-blown acute syndrome. Though not genetic, it can be quite chronic. Symptoms include nausea at the thought of work or school, episodes of extreme lethargy and heaviness of limbs, and the inability to concentrate.

Easy to fall prey to this virus are the masses (masa. As in masandal sa pader, tulog). Bed rest is best for full recovery.

There’s also one for kidney stones or sakit sa bato. Sakit sa bat(ugan).

–PreMadonna, who is into puns.

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