Cut The Bullshit, Eraserheads

“Invitations cannot be purchased and are not transferable. Controls will be in place at all entry points to the event to ensure that only persons with invitations are allowed to enter…

–Louis C. Camilleri, CEO, Philip Morris,

on the E-heads reunion concert

Come on, Eraserheads. This is bullshit and you know it.

I mean, fine, who doesn’t need money, right? We’re in the middle of an  economic crisis, and a couple of million pesos does sound pretty sweet right now. But it’s one thing to write the jingle for a Burger Machine ad or to ham it up on camera to sell Chippy, and it’s another thing altogether to finally agree to come together and play again but only for people who are above 18, smoke Marlboros, and signed up for Marlboro’s Red List.

Thank You For Smoking

Thank You For Smoking

Goddamit. I know you’re people, too, and it’s unfair to look up to you as rock gods who will do things in the spirit of rock and roll, for the love of music, and for the sake of the kids.

But you wrote and played the songs that became the soundtrack of our lives and still give us goosebumps more than a decade later. You sold us the idea of friendship and love and fellow feeling and punk zappa and ginataang susi, and we bought into it because you guys were so cool and we felt that you wrote from the heart. I personally gave up my meager allowance to buy your albums and felt like it was Christmas when you played at UPLB in ’99. I fucking smashed my nose into my knee because we were all having a great time when we watched you play in Diliman, and it was alright because it was rock and roll and we were young and the music was fine.

What you’re doing now, getting back together because Philip Morris paid you enough to forget about your artistic differences for just one night is bad enough. Getting together on behalf of Philip Morris to play only for people who smoke their cigarettes, and to get others to start puffing is as unrock and roll as you can get without pissing on a statue of the Virgin Mary onstage while repeatedly clubbing a baby seal until it dies.

What you’re doing spits on everything you’ve ever done since Ultraelectromagneticpop! and makes you just another band who played good songs for a few years and then stopped.

You broke my heart, Eraserheads. You broke my heart.

–OneTamad smokes Winstons.


  1. stupid smoking company got my dad hooked on their shit. not that im opposed to the right of the people to smoke… i dont care really, as long as they dont puff on my face, and kill my dad.

    i dont know too much about eheads and im probably just half as much of a fan as u guys are but i somehow doubt that eheads have a control on the issue.

    Morris is certainly milking off eheads. Its a clever strategy. they know the fans of eheads now have money in their pockets, and freedom to do what they want. now, it looks like if u dont smoke PMs, ur not worth going in the eheads concert. but its the company who manages the events, so its them who shouts the rules.

    Eheads should have a say on this. They could have refused. They could have done something… but they didn’t

    perhaps there’s something behind the deal, something bigger, for them to suck their mouths and agree to it. maybe its money, i doubt any of their pupil, sandwich and cambio and top eheads success. but i wouldn’t know that.

    whatever it is, im being optimistic here. that given, i still believe that eheads are still the eheads that stood up before. my fingers are crossed.

  2. pardon my typos but i couldn’t edit my comment,and im not exactly good on words. i hope you understand what i mean.

    i wonder what your fellow eraserheads fans have to say on this?

  3. They must have read the contract, right? I mean, alright, let’s say that it isn’t their call anymore since a contract exists, but didn’t they know the details before they signed? Didn’t someone in the band stop to ask, “huh,is this what we’re really about?”

    It’s the exclusivity of the thing that bothers me, and it isn’t sour-graping, either. I’d feel the same way even if I were on the Red List. Their music belongs to everyone, not to Philip Morris, and allowing themselves to be coopted in order to sell cigarettes is just, well, it just makes me sad.

  4. yeah, good point. the contract didn’t cross my mind.

    that’s the thing, the exclusivity of the concert kind of implies that eheads have already sold out.

    now,im thinking the proper way in these kind of proceeding always have contracts involve. Was it ever announced in the beginning that the concert would be for Red List only?

    If they only claim its exclusivity after the DOH statement, then i guess eheads probably signed on to a contract that voids their decisions thereafter. but wouldn’t that kind of make them stupid?

    i dont know.

    all this makes me sad as well. i mean, who wouldn’t, right?

  5. There were rumors, but this is the first solid thing that I’ve come across.

    The exclusivity is arbitrary, too. If they had charged, say,a thousand bucks or even more, then we could have saved up for that. But barring entrance just because I smoke a different brand of cigarettes, or wasn’t able to sign up online is a bit of a dick move.

  6. I\’m confused, really. What\’s with all this secrecy anyway? Personally, being the Eheads fan that I am, I already signed up with the Marlboro red list and made up answers because I don\’t effing smoke. All that for a ticket.
    I feel bad that the eheads had to get back together this way. They don\’t need a sponsor. Just the four of them agreeing to play together again will have fans scrambling to pay for it.
    I\’m getting disillusioned, but will probably still find a way to watch the concert if it actually pushes through, DOH drama notwithstanding.

  7. The DOH said it will file charges if Marlboro pushes through with the concert. They stand to be fined P100,000. Which, come on, is nothing to a tobacco giant.

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